Since I was a young girl I have loved reading……….stories……….poetry.  Anything beautifully written to help you escape the actual reality of life.  I would get so wrapped up in a good story I would finish a whole book in a night.  I started writing poetry in high school shortly before taking a journalism class.  Though I never pursued it any further, I always knew it was something I truly enjoyed.

As a young woman I began to write a book about my life.  I wanted it to inspire those who have been dealt difficult cards in life.  I wanted them to see through me how those cards can be played for their benefit and not having to succumb to the road that appeared to be laid out before them.  As the book began to manifest and become more real, life stated happening and again, the passion for writing was given a back seat.

In 2012 I started my first blog Shanita’s Voice Of Reason.  At first it was just my small corner of the world where I put my thoughts and shared them only with my closest friends.  Here and there I would write something I was passionate about like racism, education, parenting, love, friendship…………but there was no real consistency to it until 2015.  I began to look back over my writings and see just how awesome some of the material was.  How much of an outlet it was for me, how creative I could be with my words.  It made me feel that even if I never motivated people with an actual book, I could still share myself and my words through my blog.

In 2016 I transitioned to Within Her Words.  I felt it would grow with me and truly encompass the direction I wanted the blog to be taken.  I began to truly pour myself into and give much more to it because it was healing me through some of the more difficult times I had experienced in my adult life.  With that healing birthed my movement of taking my journey, sharing my story, unscripted and unafraid.  I am humbled by those who follow me and truly benefit from the words that I say.  My only objective is to be as honest and open as possible so that people can connect on all things that mean anything to me. 

Moving forward, I hope that WHW will expose you to new ideas and perspectives, things I love and love not so much, cool resources, links and a few products I design for things that I adore.  As I continue to grow there will be much trial and error, but one thing that will always remain is great content!!  Hope you always enjoy and give much anticipated feedback!

Thanks for taking the ride!

Miss B