Confessions: Are You Cutting Out Readers With Your Visuals?

I never had a specific group of individuals I wanted to target when this all begin. My goal was just to capture the truth according to me. As things visually progress, I find myself posting many pictures of African American women, children and couples. I felt myself doing it and it just felt normal. But as I was listening to a podcast today I began to identify some of the reasons why I am likely doing it.
Some of my reasons:  

  1. Black women don't have a lot of places they can look for things or people that relate specifically to them. 
  2. I identify with the photos and it feels organic to select those images for my postings.
  3. I’m just freaking proud of being a Beautiful Black Woman.

I'm not blogging for the Black community However, it’s who I am and what I connect to when I’m writing.  I’m well versed and well-traveled but no matter where I’m existing, I’m doing so as a Black Woman. Of course any woman can say she feels the same or deals with some of the same things I discuss and I love that. I never want that to be an issue.  But even with saying it out loud, I’m now asking myself:
“Will this deter people of other races from even opening themselves up to my content because they see pictures of individuals who don’t look like them?”
Even though I never directly considered this before, I think I always subconsciously knew it was bothering me.  Lots of different people like and share my writing but there is always that question of how many people you won’t reach because you are seemingly targeting one group.
What I never want to do is be someone else for likes and approval.  No matter what pictures I show I’m sure that the stories and perspective can resonate with many people from many different walks of life.  I’m not certain how a transition would still be completely Miss B. Hoping the genuineness of my sharing connects regardless to the visuals!
Something to ponder!

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B

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