Confessions: How Will They Perceive You?

Picture it........Saturday morning in the nail shop. Looking around at all the women (and men) who are up early for their mani/pedi session. Bright lights and conversations. All the while my attitude is on overdrive from lack of sleep and coffee. I'd say the perfect breeding ground for creative thought! Lol

I have gotten my confessions page started simply because I'm gonna tell y'all some secrets about this blogger's life and what happens in her mind outside of my regular posts. Not too much because we not doing that.........but enough that you know me and connect! As I was sitting here I was thinking, am I really ready to blast my page out to the world?

"It only matters what you think of yourself."

Some of this stuff is my real life or the real life of those I interact with. Do I want the world to know it? Once you get out there there is no turning back. There is no stopping people from getting into your mind. Are you really ready to deal with and push through your reservations for that?? All awesome questions.

I love the way my mind works at times and I love sharing it so I arrived at Yes Yes and Yes for all questions not to long after they came to me. Why not share yourself and experiences with the world around you? What else are you experiencing all this for if not to motivate and encourage someone else? Peak their interest or get their mind going? That's why we are all here.

No matter how many reservations are really happening inside of me and how exposed I feel at times, I'm working through it because I simply love this stuff. My words of wisdom for all are to just simply do what you love and worry less about what people think of you. I'm starting not to truly care and I think you shouldn't either!! Yourself is the best person you can be!!

Until Next Time Lovies!!
Miss B