Confessions: Losing Your Voice In Freelance Writing

Confessions: Losing Your Voice In Freelance Writing

Freelance writing for money and losing your voice in the transition is something that I can bet many writers think about.  You ask..........How do you manage to diversify your portfolio without losing the identify you want to maintain when writing?  How do you ensure that people are always aware of your voice even if someone wants you to write from a specific perspective? Is freelancing even going to work for someone like you?

I have been writing specifically for my website now for four going on five years with the exception of a few pieces I've written for others.  The more and more I work to hone my craft, the more I want to step out and show that I am capable of writing about a number of topics.  Since I'm not necessarily a niche blogger, I am willing to shed light from my view point regarding many things.  I was listening to a podcast today and they were referencing how tiring it can be to freelance and how their voices seemingly becomes stifled due to rushed pieces, demands, audiences and topics they want them to discuss.  My fear as I continue to branch out and write for others is that the uniqueness I pride myself upon will be reduced because even now I feel it when coming up with things to publish on my own website.  You always have the thought of likability and wanting to make sure the pieces are relevant, likeable and HOT!!!!

Truth is, even in freelancing, the uniqueness of who you are as a writer is what will make people come to you.  They seek you out because they relate to your perspective, you make them think differently and you present facts and ideas in a way that only you do.  Blogging is not new and for that reason, so many people get in to it because of the proven success of the hustle (though it's really much harder work than people truly realize when you are taking it seriously).  True writers can often get lost in the folds of those who saturate the because of ease of starting your own online website.  But that doesn't mean that you must give in to what others are doing.  You have to stay true to your voice.  That means that even if you make a choice to freelance, know that your spin on the topic is what is most important.  YOUR WORDS FROM YOUR VIEW POINT.

I notice too that when writing for yourself you can almost put yourself into a box that may be hard to think outside of when directing toward just your audience.  I never wanted to be known as a "Black" writer but I always wanted to be known as a passionate Black woman who loves to write about things that she cares about.  Black women don't have as many positive outlets as some others do so I wanted to make sure I created a safe place to talk about everything we care about from my point of view.  I wanted to be known as a mother, a woman, a tax paying citizen, a working woman in a world full of people who oppose her because of her ethnicity and gender, etc.  That's who I am and my opinions are mostly shaped because of my life's experiences.  That can't be changed.  But as I grow I do not want to minimize my voice to just that.  I think sometimes we get lost in that.  Not that I want to stray away from what matters to me and what I identify with, but I want ANYONE to feel they can relate and at times that can be hard.

Branching out is definitely a difficult thing that should be thought about clearly with a clear objective in mind.  I say that because misplacing yourself for the sake of notoriety and money is not worth why you started in the first place........unless that's why you started.  I'd say take the time you need to see exactly what you want to gain before taking any freelancing gig.  Don't feel you need to run around taking every job either because every job may not give your identify and direction the shape you want it to have.  Be clear and mindful of that.  And most importantly..................Keep Writing!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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