Confessions: What About My Content??

Content is a huge factor in your success or failure as a Blogger. Topics you pick to write about can make or break the growth of your following. I’ve been kind of struggling with where to go as I continue to grow and start becoming a bit more of an influence….. more recognizable throughout the blogging community.

Those who have been following me know that I have been blogging quite a bit more lately. I find it very refreshing…………….lol (that sounds so cliche) I feel like I’m in my real element when I’m writing so I realize one thing if I never realized anything else………….I have found my absolute passion without a doubt.

Anyway, I was thinking about my blog and whether or not I should find a niche. So many of the more successful bloggers have a specialty but I knew early on that wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t want restrictions on what I could talk about or who I could touch because I was limiting my range of topics. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fashion blog or food blog (that’s for my inner fat girl) because I adore both. But if I want to talk about education or racism or religion or friendship or love or whatever……………..I want to talk about it and have a place to do that. So NICHE……………….Not Gonna Happen!

I was driving to a meeting today and had some thoughts………..I do that in my car.  That’s my creative space!  While I was driving I realized something: Some of my most successful blogs have been personal.  I notice that they get shared the most.  I realize that’s because people connect to the the truth so much more than they connect to anything else.  And I also realized that I didn’t want to stop that.  I know any blogger out there can feel me when I say that we are always looking for the next story and at times we can get so consumed with what people might think or say that it loses it’s real essence.  I’m in that struggle now with myself because I want to write and write and write and find myself not wanting to be as vulnerable as I once was when this blog was just in my little corner of the world and only friends and family ate these words.

So I’m working now just to make sure that this space, though I truly want to share it, is shared with those who don’t mind having a little truth in their lives.  A place where I can sometimes be open about my thoughts and feelings pertaining to the world and living in it.   I’m working to not be so caught up in opinions or thoughts or wondering if someone always thinks I’m writing about myself.  I don’t always want to scream at the world “WORLD……………Bloggers talk about WHATEVER inspires them in that moment whether it’s about them or someone else!  Don’t make assumptions.”  I think that too will allow me to be more open on how much I’m sharing this amazing venture with the world!

To my fellow Bloggers, just do you.  Don’t do what the next hot person is doing.  Don’t feel intimidated by someone else’s success.  Don’t feel you need to write for or publish in every publication out there.  Don’t change your style to fit in.  The people who accept you will accept all of you and everything you are bringing to the table and they will always follow that because it’s consistent. 

To my readers, THANKS for the love and support and following me while I take my Keeping Real and Classy Journey!  Those that have been growing with me……………..Stay Tuned!!  She on fire!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B