Confessions: What is Motivating You To Write?

Whenever you start blogging you are typically starting for a reason. It can be an outlet that you use to let go of things or something you are doing to help someone. It can even be to find a side job that you love to do and connect with other people. Whatever that reason is for you is cool but I know for me, it all started as an outlet because I love to it's more.

Within the last few months I have decided to take my blog a little more global so to speak. I just have too much good stuff to share in all honesty. They always say ........ Keep living! But I've been living so there was no need to keep it to myself.

When I was about 18, I decided to write a book about growing and the evolution of me in the growth. What I want to accomplish with it is to basically let people who need reminders or those who don't know that you don't have to be what your situation appears to lay out. You can be whatever you want to be and you can do whatever it is you want to do. I know that a lot of people think there is no help or hope in sight. That they can't get past the obstacles that they face. But the reality is, you have the final say and even if it's harder for you, that doesn't matter, keep'll get where you want to be.

So the dilemma I have been facing as I really start to take this book seriously and write is how transparent books about your life truly can be. Yeah I can blog a millions times a week and share certain things without complete exposure, but a book.........about it all........that's different. There is no turning back with that once it's out there no matter what your objective is for writing it and because of that I've been stagnant on finishing the book.

This is my truth. I'm afraid of the raw vulnerability that you feel when you put your life out there. No matter how powerful something is or how much it means to you, it will be broken down, scrutinized and analyzed beyond. People are going to talk about it and may not even get the reasons why you are sharing it. And that is something you have to deal with as you craft the journey of your life for the spectators.

I guess I keep coming back to realizing that we have stories. All of us. These stories should be told because there is someone out there who truly is in a place of loss and disconnect with where they want to be in their lives. Because of that we have to be the ones to use ourselves to help them. People need your story. They need what you are offering the world. They need to be touched and they need to know that it's not just them. That they can move beyond their circumstances. That they can succeed. So I think with all that said, I'm working to put down my fears and keep moving forward! I've been writing it for 15 years and it's still not out.........but I'm pushing through my fears. Someone needs my story.........and yours too.

Stay encouraged!

Until next time Lovies!
Miss B