Admiration: Redefining Life

I'm always inspired by the girls who are younger. That 20 to 28 year old who is living by her own rules. Grabbing the bull by the horns because she doesn't really understand why any other way makes sense. The girl who lives on her own terms because she doesn't allow anything to taint her perspective on life. The girl who bounces back quickly after the fuck boy breaks her heart because she knows damn well she shouldn't invest another moment on a person who wouldn't do so for her. This girl who is uninhibited and free. Not tied down to a standard or bound by rules. Not because she has no morals or standards but because she realized early in life that you only get one and you shouldn't waste it worrying what other people think, feel or say.  The girl who doesn’t want to work for anyone but herself so that she is FREE to call all her own shots in every aspect of her life.  This girl is the one who is running the world and unconcerned about anyone who agrees or disagrees with the way she handles things.

 It made me ask how things change so much between us thirty somethings and millennials? Where did we miss the rules they live by (or lack there of)? Why do we care so much? Why is our moral compass so strong that some of us refuse to adopt some of the standards younger women set for themselves? Honestly, I'm not one for following a group or crowd. I don't need to be like anyone else or do what anyone else is going. I set my own rules because I’m only comfortable doing what is comfortable for me...............but often times they are restricting and provide me no flexibility. I'm too concerned about staying in my own lines.  Not incompetent of loosening the strings but almost unwavering in doing so.

 It made me wonder if it is more than just the lives we live or the backgrounds we come from.  Self-evaluation always exposes that I take on some old fashioned values in many situations and have often let some of those restrict true growth in life. I applied rules to situations that probably didn’t require them and would maybe have turned out differently if I took a different stance. . . . So does it make you wrong to look at things in a different way than you originally planned or does it make you human? Are you more human because you don't need to be a conformist to life but open enough to live life differently if growth has dictated it??

 While I sat with some of these young ladies today and listened to their way of approaching life, I admired them.  However, even in that admiration, I realized that my life has been driven by different things than what they have experienced thus far.  You can never compare yourself to others because you are walking in an entirely different pair of shoes than what they are and based on perception and experience, you are going to make decisions based on that.  A lot of these ladies don’t have anyone but themselves to look after so they move without restriction.  It’s really a breath of fresh air to see.  That before they are tied down to some of their life choices, they are LIVING.  They are truly LIVING their lives.  Many of us skip that step because we are bound to the schedule we think we should be on in life.  We have a timeline we grow up thinking we need to fit into the parameters of and to me, that is where we begin to make careless choices without the flexibility I spoke of earlier.  This timeline doesn’t exist for them.  They are living limitless lives.

 Even with these thoughts that crept up on me while I sat with them today, I do strongly believe in having my boundaries.  It doesn’t make me more moral or more conscious than anyone else per se but it does keep me grounded and accountable to myself and my maker.  I don’t think anyone who has a conscious when it comes to making life decisions makes them unwilling to change or make adjustments as needed but it does make them someone who stands their ground.  You have to stand your ground and draw hard lines on some things, but as I continue to grow as a woman I realize there are some things that require you to be more fluid.  Times are changing and so are things around us.  And though we don’t have to change everything with the times, it’s okay to feel differently throughout your growth process.  Through interacting with the young ladies who have redefined life and the standards of living, I have been learning not to be so hard on myself for the things that I have bent the rules on, the things I didn’t do quite right or the things that didn’t happen in the way I felt they should based on the way I was raised or the things I believe.  Life is life and life is for living! 

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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