Aging Gracefully

If you never learn a single thing about the life you live, one thing you will always be forced to learn as time passes is that……………… are getting older!  Even if you attempt to flee from that truth, it will always become evident as you keep living.  You change, your body changes, your mind changes, your interests change, your circle changes, your circumstances change……………CHANGE changes!  It’s inevitable.  Once you realize it though it’s important to embrace it!  Don’t exist in a place where you avoid the reality of life because if you do, you’ll fail to maintain the truth, authenticity and happiness that you are entitled to every day of yours.

I was talking to one of my best friends last night and I said it out loud.  Nearly shocked myself when I said it.  I spoke the words out loud………….”I’m closer to 40 than I’ve ever been!”  She not a good friend either because her only words were girl yes you are! LOL I appreciate her honesty but she could have certainly kept that to herself!  Anyway, we started talking about things that are happening around us.  Things happening to people we know.  Pondering just how fragile life is, reality set in quickly.  We take so much for granted when we are younger.  We forget that time does run out on all of us…….  There is an end date for every person that is here.  Realizing this should make everyone clear that the ultimate goal should be living the most fulfilling life as possible and doing away with all things that do not enhance, add to or benefit the space you occupy at all times.    

With that being said, stop settling for less than what you deserve in life.  If you aren’t happy at that job why are you still there?  Why go somewhere every day that you despise or don’t take pleasure in when you have full control over where you can go next?  Why live in fear of the uncertain when you will never know just how far you can soar unless you take that leap of faith?  Why stay in that relationship that isn’t fulfilling?  Why live in fear of loneliness or not meeting the person that is truly meant for you once you release what isn’t?  Why not embrace contentment in self-love and exercise patience in waiting to receive what is truly for you?  Why sit stagnant where you are out of fear of the unknown?  I ask myself these same questions that you should ask yourself and as you get nice and old like me, your answers will become starkly different than they may have been before you realized how precious life is. 

So what do you do now?  ………………………….. Check off places on your Travel Bucket List. Love freely and from your heart. Laugh out loud from your soul.  Smile so big it reaches your eyes.  Sing your favorite song with the windows down.  Dance out of your clothes! Celebrate every day you continue to breath. Live Life with no regrets because even your misgivings are designed to make you stronger.  Why not do all of those things every single day of your life since you don’t know when your last day will be? 

Ask yourself:

What will you have accomplished when you are no longer capable of accomplish a thing?

Will you have regrets? 

If you answer yes to that question then it is truly time to re-evaluate your life.  I can speak for myself when I say I have often been so wrapped up in my life sometimes that I forgot I was letting a whole day go by without doing at least one thing that made me happy.  I’m learning to get out of that habit all together.  The last few years have been filled with loss.  People coming and going out of my life so quickly that even I didn’t have time to prepare for those changes…………making death and loss so much more real to me.  Tangible to say the least.  With every loss comes new perspective and continues to realign me with my will to live a life filled with less.  Less noise.  Less stress.  Less drama.  Less foolishness.  I work very hard to silence the insignificant (and it’s hard as hell but necessary.). 

In times of loss I gain something though.  I gain wisdom and perspective, peace and understanding AND I grow.  I live a little more, I love the things in life a little harder, I enjoy the moments just a little bit longer.  I do that because I have experienced pain and defeat, sadness and regret.  The lows have been really low but the highs make up for them since they are so high.  Rewards have poured out of some of the biggest tragedies and I experience calmness and contentment even through some of the most turbulent of times.  That is true self-realization and acceptance and as we age those are the most important and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves.

There is no perfect way to age and for some it may always be a hard thing to accept.  But the best advice I can give is to just embrace it and enjoy the ride.  Make decisions that scare you just a little.  Live every moment of today even when you are planning for tomorrow.  One moment forfeited is a moment that is lost forever.  There are no do overs no matter how hard we pretend that there are.  Be kind to others and release all of the resentment and anger you have towards things and people that have stolen small moments in your life.  You’ll thank me later for that advice!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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