Always Being Mindful Of Others

Social media has become the platform in which most people stand to promote things, communicate with people, talk about and share issues, or whatever it is they want to get out to a larger audience with the least amount of effort.  I can appreciate it.  I use it.  Not as much about my business per say but messages that I want to get out using myself as an example.  I think people connect more to truth………..and when you share your truth, it’s undeniable that someone is understanding or relating to whatever it is you may be saying in one capacity or another.

Today I was on Facebook and one of my girlfriends that I haven’t seen since I was a teenager had posted about some things she has been struggling through this year.  Like many of us that are sensible, she doesn’t, day to day, put her business out there.  She’s smiling and parenting and motivating others through her posts to remain faithful and strong.  That’s what strong people do.  They project it on to others no matter what they are going through.  So as she is sharing her story I’m in tears for her.  God only knows the stories that we could all sit in a room and tell to the world if we wanted to.  The prayers we pray at night alone, the burdens we carry by ourselves, the tears we cry, the hope that slowly begins to fade……………as we try to replenish what we are putting out through our daily connections with God.  I admired her in that moment because she was sharing her truth.  Her pain.  Her hurt.  Her burdens.  I admire those types of people.  Not just telling her story for sympathy, but for the motivation and hope that it gives to others.

All of that to say that you just never know anyone’s story.  I connected to her.  Though I am not going through her struggle, I have my own.  And to still wake up from day to day and press.  From day to day still with hope.  From day to day still believing.  That is only God that keeps a smile on your face from day to day sometimes.  And I thank her for her story.  As we continue to press through life and through the things that we struggle with, we always must remember that though it is hard, someone else is struggling with something much worse.  I used to tell people that they can’t compare my struggle because my level of suffering is based on my position in life and can not be compared to others.  But what it does do is put some things into perspective.  It’s not comparable but it is perceptive.  It is real.  Pray for everyone around you.  Be mindful of how you treat people.  Be mindful how you interact with people.  That smile they are behind has a story that no one understands.  Your kindness may be all they need to make it through.

2015 is as much in the rear-view now as the years prior to so leave the things behind you that belong behind you!  Every day is another day to try again.

Until Next Time Lovies.

Miss B

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