Bag Lady: Lightening The Load

The Story...

Staring out the floor length window at the airport watching the young men who work there load the luggage in a hurried manner, I could tell they had no regard to what was in it or what its final destination would be.  I glanced down at the ticket in my hand to refresh my memory on where I was actually going.  I had rushed to the airport in a hurry because all throughout the morning I was attempting to unpack some of the things I was bringing with me which had almost made me miss my flight.  My bag was just entirely too heavy and I refused to take this trip lugging all this foolishness.  The long list of things I had in there was ridiculous to say the least and I stood there for at least an hour trying to determine what really didn’t need to go.  I’ve grown to be a terrible hoarder in this area and that is no understatement here.

I started eyeing things I knew had no value and slowly began to take them out of the bag (reluctantly).  It was stuff I knew I wouldn’t need.  This was stuff I had had for years and didn’t even know why it was still in my closet because even I had forgotten I owned it.  I hadn’t remembered packing it and was surprised to see some of it there.  As I sorted through how it got in the bag at all, I thought about how much it was really cramping my current evolving style and contemplated why I wanted to travel with it.  I mean, I’m always going to be a classic girl but even I know that at some point in life, those classic pieces you’ve grown to adore then stuff in the back of the drawer need to be released.  That’s probably why it took so long for me to put it in the pile of “giveaways”.  I knew I would never wear half of it again…………better yet, stuff I shouldn’t wear again.

Each piece I put in the pile was surprisingly making me feel a little better.  It was refreshing to know that I would be moving about lighter and with little risk of weighing over when I placed the bag on the scale at the airport.  It sounds silly but it made me want to continue taking insignificant things out and as I kept doing it, I was starting to realize just how much easier it would be if I was traveling with just a carryon bag instead of a full blown suitcase.  At that point……………..I switched bags and I continued the journey of downsizing!

Needless to say I showed up at the airport with my purse and a duffle bag.  All those suit cases I sat watching them load on to the plane were the bags that belonged to the other passengers traveling.  I was happy it wasn’t my luggage they were abusing. I was happier that I had decided to clean out my bag and travel with only the essentials that were necessary.  I even saved the 25 dollars they charge for every checked bag.  As I kept looking at the one way ticket, I realized that my final destination would be more enjoyable because I had unpacked the junk and carried only with what I needed.

The Lesson...

So many times in life we are carrying our past with us.  We don’t even realize that we are doing it.  From one place in life to the next we are bringing a suitcase full of junk.  It’s full of things that only we are holding on to because that moment in our lives has passed.  I have learned that we hold ourselves back from truly living because we are holding ourselves hostage to our mistakes, our wrongs, the wrongs of others, the choices we didn’t make, the choices we did make, the places we didn’t go or the things we have yet to do.  We decide that we aren’t in a good place in our lives because we put ourselves on a time clock and when we don’t meet that expectation we set, we feel like failures.  The truth is, we all need to have life plans, but we all need to be prepared when a curve ball is thrown and those plans change.  It’s the way that life is set up.  Your job is to adjust, readjust, adjust some more, plan again, scratch out the plan and write a new one………..then keep moving.

I wrote this little short story to give a good visual to those who fail to see how much easier it is to hop on the plane with their one way ticket to the future in hand with only their carryon.  That is an indication that you may always have a small bag that you travel with but it should never overwhelm you to the point that it traps you in the moments where you acquired its contents. Unloading completely is a process that takes time and you are allotted that time. Just don't get so comfortable that you lose track of it. Time is one thing in life that is irreplaceable. 

The purpose of life is to live it.  It will beat you up, it will get you down, it will even discourage you from time to time.  The most important thing it does though is teach you the things you MUST know to manage and succeed in the next level of your life.  The only things you should have in your bag are the lessons learned at each stop along the way.  I can tell you that so many things in my life didn’t work out as I planned and it stumped me for a long time.  Even now I find myself looking back wishing I would have done something different and made a different decision.  What life should have taught us all by now is that you can’t turn back the hands of time and fix it, but you can make better decisions moving forward.  You can live your life for today and plan for tomorrow, learning from yesterday.  The moments in life that we draw from and hold on to tend to be the moments that bring us the greatest joy and the greatest pain.  But always remember something about those painful moments………….they are only miniscule issues in the grand scheme of life and they should never dictate how you live your life moving forward.

We are all bag handlers even when we don’t know we are pulling those bags behind us each day.  If we truly take time to be honest with ourselves, we will see it much more clearly.  Some of us are filling closets and storage bins with baggage. Others of us are pushing stuff down in the basement and closing the door so that we can’t see it.  But the reality is, just because you aren’t openly acknowledging its existence doesn’t mean that it isn’t in your basement collecting dust.  In order to truly reach the place of happiness and peace you desire and deserve, you got to open the door and descend……………..even if it’s painful. 

Live.  Fall Down.  Get Up.  Try Again.  It’s all about living life to the best of your ability. What you think in your mind and what you speak from your mouth WILL BE.  So be EVERYTHING you want to be.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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