Being The Blessing

I know in my life I have often prayed that God would use me to be a blessing to other people. I prayed that same prayer every night along with every person on my prayer list and other things and situations I needed God to guide me on. I never for a second thought that those blessings for others could potentially be painful for me as I was being used by God for the benefit of other people. I know that sounds confusing but as God continues to use me, grow me, stretch me, teach me........He is opening me up to seeing that the blessing you may be in someone's life is not always to your benefit.

I have had much pain in my life. Oddly I can look back over it and see that it has made me the woman I am, but it has almost never been pleasant when dealing with someone else and helping them be stretched like me in their lives. The lessons that you may be used to teach others can not only be a great and powerful lesson for them but such a burden..........heartache, pain, resentment, turmoil.

What I always hope as God uses me in the lives of others is that they truly learn what He has for them. God isn't always as merciful as they preach because He too may get tired of the repeated instances we have to go through due to making the same poor choices in our lives. What I hope they see is that they will never get out of the loop of failure and frustration, distress and distraction until they are truly ready to commit to a better way of approaching the problem. Only then will God's mercy be true and in its rawest form. I live for those moments.

Today I tweeted out that you've got to spring clean. Not just your closet or your basement or your garage. But everything that has been holding you back in your life. The person who wronged you, the boss who fired you, the person who lied to you or the friend who stole from you. Whatever it is in your life you have to let that go so you can be the best you. The best you is the one who makes it through the moments when God is processing you for better. When God is using you in the lives of others. When God removes things and people from your lives. The best you is the one who survives it all.

Until Next Time Lovies

Miss B

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