Fulfillment: Following Your Heart

People may never understand your heart and that's okay. Your heart is yours alone. Its desires are those that only it can understand. Some say not to follow it because it leads you without logic or reason. It leads you strictly based on the concept of emotion. I only partially agree to this sentiment and that’s because the heart isn't connected to the brain that conceives perceptive thought. However, after living the life I have lived and walking this walk, I never hesitate to pick my heart over my head on my occasions.

You Only Live Once

People will persecute you for your gullibility. Partially because you seem withdrawn from reality when following your heart. The heart doesn't live inside reality because if it did, certain choices made probably wouldn't have been made. Some paths probably wouldn't have be ventured. Some heart ache may not have been experienced. But ask yourself something..........how enriched has life been due to following your heart? How much have you truly lived and developed because you caved to the desires of your deepest desires?  How much have you grown as a person?  The experiences I have had have been completely priceless even when at times they have come with a price.

This is not specifically about relationships.  This pertains to any and everything we deal with on a day to day. It doesn't matter what THING you are following with passion. This applies to everything we face in life. One can argue that you are not living and experiencing life to its fullest if you aren't living it purposefully, passionately and in the greatest gift ever given...........love. So what is life without those things? Are you fulfilled being so reasonable and rational with every decision that you make?

Walk The Road Less Traveled

I'll close with this, following your heart is not always the wisest thing you can do. But for me, it has opened doors that only heart driven living would have allowed me to walk through......success, passion and love I would never have known. It has unlocked a better woman than I would have ever been if I hadn't been so..........naive. It is something to truly explore. Take the time to love a little more and less time calculating every move. After all, calculations don't always guarantee the results you come to in your thought out equation of life. We can never plan it all but when we run down the path with our arms outstretched, embracing all that life has to offer, we are getting the best of both worlds. Growth. New perspective. Understanding. Fulfillment. I wouldn't trade any of those things.  I've gained my greatest blessings in those moments.......

Remember: Reason is not always reasonable and logic is not always logical.  Sometimes we create the greatest moments we will ever live through spontaneous action.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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