Life Lesson: Never Too Good for A Mix Up

Recently I was asked my perspective on individuals who feel they are too good to work certain jobs to make ends meet.  I get it too because as a college educated woman with degrees and years of experience, there are things I feel I shouldn’t have to do.  Not because I’m too good but because I worked too hard.  But let’s put things in perspective……………life has a way of shaking things up and there are times in your life where those things you think you wouldn’t do……………you don’t have much choice.

It’s almost been two years ago now that I was laid off from my job.  You could never have told me it wasn’t the most devastating thing ever in life to happen to me.  I thought I was literally dying.  I had just purchased a new house, a nice new car and my son was still looking for the things that kids look for.  In my devastation though I just knew it would be easy to find something else.  With two degrees and twelve years of experience, there was no way that people wouldn’t be knocking down my door.  And they knocked alright…………….but the universe wasn’t lining up properly for me to be able to accept the jobs that were coming.

For almost six months I was home.  I’m a working woman so no matter how many loads of laundry I did, hallways I vacuumed, dinners I cooked, errands I ran, there was no way in the world I was going to be fulfilled.  I’m not a stay at home type of person so every free chance I had I applied for jobs and went on interviews.  Several unexpected roadblocks were showing up in my way in the process.  As I began to push through them, I was seriously considering other ways to make a living.  It wasn’t like the bills were going to stop coming so there was no way that I could have continued to let that go on. My faith was wavering more than I care to admit.  Lord knows I was trying to keep the direct line open but I was discouraged beyond belief.

I didn’t say already but let me just set the stage: I’m a Systems Engineer with a Master’s degree in engineering.  I deal with software and customers on a daily basis and it is quite fulfilling when the work is challenging and the technology is cutting edge. I have worked for several great companies and managed several teams of individuals.  Guess what though……….in that particular moment, my experience meant nothing and there were no engineering jobs coming my way.  When they were, they were too far to drive or in another state that I wasn’t necessarily prepared to move to.  I wasn’t ready to give up my home just yet.

Photo from blogs.psychcentral

Photo from blogs.psychcentral

I started thinking of everything I could do to make money.  I started applying for jobs I would have only done in my teens and early twenties.  Make-up counters, call centers, security jobs, substitute teachers, retailers………………you name it, I applied.  I even did some time in Real Estate School! Lol……………the joy!  The only thing I could think of was that things and people were depending on me and by any means necessary I was going to have to get back there.  Some people don’t even consider this and they immediate talk about what they won’t do.  But I’m a firm believer that that very attitude is what keeps people stuck in places where they aren’t able to grow.  I understand the position but at some point you have to realize it isn’t realistic.

Gratefully, I’m in a better place now and after experiencing that I realize that anything is possible regardless to where you ascend to I life.  That means that under no circumstances can you ever be too good to do what you have to do take care of your family.  You can reach the top of life and feel like you are flying higher than your dreams ever took you.  But you can have moments in life that provide clarity that you too can be placed back in a situation where those clouds are over your head and not beneath your feet.  You can never be too good to start again if that is the position you are placed in.

Sometimes we go through things to make us better so always remember that you are never too good for life to happen to you.  God teaches us things in life just when we need to learn the lesson.  There are no more “Why Me” sessions for me because I answer myself with “Why Not Me”.  We are not given manuals on how to live or maps that direct us on what roads to take when things happen to us, so we have to do the best we have with what we are given.  A few things I have learned to take with me now:

  • Have a Back Up Plan!!
  • Put away money for a raining day.
  • Find a trustworthy financial advisor when you have the opportunity.
  • Create a realistic budget.
  • Take care of any residual debt and DO NOT recreate it!
  • Live life but don’t live above your means.
  • Spend only what you have in cash and if you don’t have it……………save for it!
  • Have multiple streams of income.
  • Cover yourself as a business entity for tax purposes.
  • Continue to better yourself and always add new tools to your proverbial toolbox.
  • Never live life as if things won’t happen to you and be realistic about where you are.

We are human and we won’t always make the best choices in life, but if we plan and take care of the things we can, we can be just a bit more prepared for those bumps in the road that WILL come.  Hopefully the shock of change won’t shake you too much.  Sometimes it happens to push you out of your comfort zone and catapult you to the next level of your life!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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