Life Lessons: Seeing The Signs

I’m a firm believer that in all things we encounter we receive signs on how to deal with them.  I also believe that when those signs don’t line up with the path we want to walk down or the way we want to handle the situation, we tend to ignore them and continue to ask for guidance hoping the new sign is somehow different.  The unfortunate part is that in the midst of ignoring the signs, we are dealing with the unnecessary.  The human side of us is always so hopeful that we can fix or remedy a situation based on how we feel and the potential we see in it as opposed to understanding how little potential means if the situation isn’t already living up to it.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cultivate some things………….it only means that we need to take heed to the things that are not meant for us to intervene in.

Just because you can see in something beyond what is currently manifesting itself in the present, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily an experience you need to live through.  Those small voices you hear are rarely ever wrong. If they give you the insight you need to let that dream die, forget about that job, leave that individual, eliminate that friendship, or whatever the case may be, doing the opposite of that will always yield a consequence that you are unprepared for.  Looking back over my life and all the decisions I have made, there are so many things I knew weren’t right for my life and chose to do them anyway.  Likely because I always take on a project or decide that if it’s broken I can put glue on those broken pieces and make it whole again.  All the while breaking more and more myself and leaving my broken pieces to be dealt with later.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times where we may be called to be a blessing in a certain set of circumstances.  But if we aren’t given instruction to do so, most of the time, it’s not meant for us to interfere in that process. If you are anything like me though, you don’t want to give up.

The unwanted heartache that comes from these choices can truly change any person dealing with them.  Pain is something that truly shapes us and it changes the dynamic of who we are as individuals.  For better or for worse, we are always altered in those moments.  I ask myself why I chose to hurt, opted to accept something I didn’t need to, take on something that wasn’t my burden to carry.  It can stem from so many things.  The past has a way of resurfacing at times when we least expect it and we will always deal with things repeatedly until we confront the situation that lies beneath it.  This happens because we ignore the signs we are given to walk away from something and spare ourselves the disappointment of the outcome we know we will see from it all.  For me, it’s definitely a fear of failure and that is something that I work on diligently.

As I grow as a person I’m learning to shed whatever guilt that comes from walking away from something that doesn’t belong to me.  There is no room to take ownership of other people’s things.  There are countless times that my heart has been dragged along in someone else’s mess as they figured out their own lives and decided what their path would be.  Even if there is love and concern there, the love you have for yourself has to outweigh what you give to others.  If it is draining you it isn’t for you.  Pouring from a cup that is empty takes away from anything you need left to sustain yourself.  Even if to some it sounds selfish, people must be mindful that they have to be full themselves, cared for and maintained before they can be anything substantial to anyone else.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the need to be supportive, but I’ve learned well enough to know that everyone doesn’t require that from you and everyone doesn’t want it.  Sad.  Harsh.  True.

Listening to the voice that gives direction is key in maturing and growing as a person.  It’s the sign that you have learned to decipher your own wants and desires from those that are the wants and desires of your Creator.  No one wants to ache from the pain that others inflict upon them and they certainly don’t want that ache because they pushed the envelope on their level of involvement in that person’s journey.  We are here to lend a helping hand.  We are here to provide support.  We are here to pray for one another and provide any guidance we might have.  But that gift that we give of ourselves is not for everyone or every situation. Be patient in making moves towards rescuing the people and things in your life because it is an indication that you take great care in yourself and how those moves will affect what goes on inside of you.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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