Life Lessons: The Curve Balls Of Life

Are we really ever ready for the curve balls that life throws at us?  Regardless to how much of a planner we are, how much we write things down, how much we bulletize our list of to-dos………….are we truly ever really ready to deal with the detours that we will surely make as we continue to live life?

The last few years for me have been quite interesting.  I had it all worked out.  Career.  Family.  Friends.  Travel.  Money.  Whatever it was that I wanted to have or do I felt I had it all scheduled in my planner just the way I deemed appropriate.  I even felt I was bending life to my every desire.  No matter what I wanted, I spoke it and it came to pass.  I believed in myself that much.  I conquered every obstacle that was thrown my way regardless to what it was and I put them behind me to conquer some more.  I didn’t feel that anything was impossible so when I walked into a room I demanded it………..and I had it.  I had never felt more in control of what happened in my portion of the universe than I did in those moments.  Now I would be remiss if I didn’t say it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but I didn’t weight difficulty levels when I moved.  I just moved how I chose no matter how hard it was to maneuver.  I was “living” by my own rules gratefully.

As I kept living those very high peak moments became less and less available to me no matter what I said out loud.  The valleys started becoming more of my living arrangement and it started to become more apparent that regardless to my schedule, life was going to rearrange things to a point where I would become quite uncomfortable.  With each turn of events, my discomfort didn’t mean a whole lot to life.  It continued to play things out in the way that it was designed to play out and all I could do was move with the current.  That’s when I had to realize that life is not all about the upward moments because those will never be the moments that we will always dwell in no matter how much we truly want to.

When things start to fall apart in a way that we don’t plan for, we become undone instead of appreciating what the outcome of that fallout will be.  That’s the reality of it all.  We are so caught up in the way we see things going that we don’t realize just what life is designed to do to us……………..and if you don’t know what that is let me tell you.  It’s designed to build up the most courageous person inside of us that is able to navigate life no matter what happens.  Someone completely unafraid to live.  It orchestrates each moment to build up the strongest person we can be so that we are able to deal with the things that will come towards us in the future.  Lessons to build our strength come as a benefit to us because it shows that we are moving forward to something better that requires that strength.  It moves us away from what we think is for us and puts us on the appropriate path towards what we are destined to do so that we don’t live every moment in complacency because we fear the twists and turns that we may face. It allows us to fall so that we can get back up better than we were.  We will never be protected from our mistakes and we will be allowed to make plenty………but we will have course corrections that get us exactly where we need to be in spite of.

I know it’s hard to think you are better for the lows in life because when they are happening, the last thing you want is a positive word, quote or phrase from someone in your life.  I would even get to the point sometimes where I would even shut God out because I was so down about the circumstances that I didn’t even want Him to make me feel better about anything.  I didn’t want to hear what He had to say or absorb the peace in knowing that He was going to work it out.  I was more so clinging to the bitterness and anger of the failure or mishap and I wanted to stay there angry about it.  It was comforting knowing I had that to fall back on because being happy felt like too much work.  In those types of situations we are failing ourselves because we are not truly living or getting any closer to our destiny.  We are stagnant and prolonging our trip to the mountain top moment we love to exist in.  All because we are angry with a life detour we didn’t expect………..”Time is a precious commodity.  One that can not be retrieved once we neglect to spend it wisely.” Miss BSo spend less time in an angry space and more time understanding you are in a moment where you need to retrieve the lesson and keep moving.

Time is a precious commodity. One that can not be retrieved once we neglect to spend it wisely.
— Miss B
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Life has overwhelmed me with the curve balls it has thrown in my direction!  At times I shake my own head at myself and the choices that I have made to assist it with doing so. But never mind that! I’m going to share exactly what I have learned when asking myself the questions I asked you in the beginning of all of this:

·         You can be the best planner in the world and most things go as you expect but know that at some point they won’t and you can’t lose sight of the bigger picture just because it doesn’t.  I used to get so upset and want to quit because I wasn’t used to or accustomed to the amount of failure I was experiencing in my life at certain times.  No matter what I commanded, it wasn’t going the way I anticipated.  It wasn’t as easy as it once was to bend the world on its’ axis because I desired it to be that way.  There has been so much growth in those moments for me.  We want to be super heroes and some moments in life are beyond the super human strength that we feel we possess. (hint hint)

·         You can’t quit just because it feels hopeless and like the situation has taken you out.  If you quit then what is next?  How will you get to the place you desire to be if you give up?  There have been several times in my life that I just sat in one space with my wine, in silence and in my own head………..being the opposition I didn’t need.  But so much time got away from me when I really could have been taking the final test.  I was well equipped to and didn’t even know it.

·         Most importantly, never turn your back on your faith.  It’s really the most important thing you have to get through.  Like I said before, I have turned my back on God a hundred times because I was angry with Him for not allowing things to go my way.  The great thing though is, He never turned his back on me.  Even when I deserved it! And things not going my way was always me being protected.  I think sometimes we lose site of that as well.  Everything that fails or is lost is not necessarily a failure or a loss.

No matter what answers you gave yourself to the questions asked early on, hopefully after what I’ve shared you are able to be more objective about how you deal with the curve balls that come your way.  We are not perfect and we will never be, but we can make the small changes we need to and give ourselves less grief for living, being human and making the mistakes we make while navigating this thing called life.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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