Life Lessons: What Is True Strength?

Today one of my very best friends and I were talking about different things we have been through, go through and questions that we have asked in those particular situations.  She is so similar to me when it comes to how we think so we often can pull the most philosophical things from one another (which can lead to a blog at the drop of a dime).  Most times we feel like the strongest people on earth as women because we tend to multi task every facet of life with so much passion, love and drive that we can get caught up………..pushing us further and further down an unknown path.  We asked each other a question that I think many people have asked and that is when we should give up on something and when we shouldn’t?  When we should stop fighting and when we shouldn’t?  What does being strong really mean?  Does it mean having the strength to fight through something and continue to fight or having the strength to walk away?  These are the million dollar questions.

Life has a funny way of bringing us into situations that we must be TRIED, TESTED, EDUCATED and sometimes RETRIED again when we don’t learn the first few times we experience them.   We spoke a lot about the uncertainty we have felt in those situations when we have had to make a decision about fighting and not.  Being inquisitive and often clouded by the emotions always felt, you don’t always know what type of strength you are supposed to display.  You hear a lot of people tell you just how strong you are for sticking something out and dealing with it, but the truth is………………is that really real or would your true strength be displayed in walking away?  That spirit of discernment is not easily bestowed upon those with the mind of control and inquisition. 

I am one of those people that will fight for what it is that I want.  I don’t necessarily have a problem with that because I am a driven person that believes in moving towards my goals.  I’ve always been an ambitious person and even when I didn’t know I was pushing myself beyond unknown limits, I pushed because it just made sense to keep doing so.  Some of those times though I have fought so hard and pushed so long that I pushed myself right down the wrong path.  It didn’t matter what it was either.  I was so blinded by what I wanted that I didn’t always see what was right in front of my face.  I was so caught up in the strength I was exhibiting that I truly didn’t see when it was time to shut it down.  I could never accept that type of defeat.  No one wants to feel that they can’t do what it takes to keep what is falling apart together because they are doing everything they can to make it work.  When you are giving everything you never want to accept that walking away is an even bigger way to demonstrate how strong you truly are.

Even with all of that said, I don’t want anyone to feel that I am saying give up on everything and give up easily.  You simply have to be free of the things that hold you hostage to any emotional attachment.  I know it’s easier said than done but the most effective decisions are made from a place free and clear of emotion.  Clarity can’t penetrate heart matters because those matters are driven from a place of attachment far beyond reason.  As powerful as emotion is and as necessary as it is to move through life with full enjoyment, it has to be sifted out when being realistic.  If you truly took the time to think about things that you fought for too long you will see exactly why I say this.  You were fighting from your heart because you believed so deeply in it that no matter the signs you received you continued to press on.  The moment you decide to look at all the details and facts of your situation without that piece, you begin to see so clearly that you know what you must do.  That is when you are your strongest.  You are able to differentiate between the option to stand and hold or walk and let go.

You can feel a lot like a failure when things don’t go the way you plan but the reality is sometimes it’s not supposed to work out the way you planned.  Sometimes you go through things just so that you can see you have what it takes to get through it.  It’s a building block for you to get where you really are supposed to be and fighting hard for the things you are truly supposed to have.  Always remember that you aren’t strong because you don’t choose yourself and put yourself first in situations where you clearly see you should.  It doesn’t make you strong to continue down a path that you know is not for you just because you don’t want to deal with starting over in a new venture.  Your strength will always come from identifying and accepting the battles you should fight and the ones you should walk away from.  No matter what outside influencers say to you and no matter the advice they impose upon you (solicited and unsolicited) only you can come to a place where you know what that is. 

Sometimes things must fall apart in order for other things to come together!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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