Middle Of Life Crisis: Needed Isolation

I was talking to my home-girl today and often times I hear her say that she feels she is having an “In The Middle of Life” crisis.  I always laugh because she is about to turn 35 so it’s a little early for her to make that assumption about where she is.  But seriously I get it.  We are pretty well established in life with our degrees and good careers……………we own homes and have nice cars……………traveled a lot of places and seen a lot of things.  So after you’ve done all that in the short amount of time we’ve done it you wonder to yourself what’s next?

I think a lot of people before us probably didn’t have this problem.  We accomplish so much more so much sooner that we really don’t know what to do.  When I was a little girl I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life really other than something outside of Chester VA! Lol………….I love Chester but you know, I wanted more from life than that.  My motivation really was just that.  Make sure I could live more comfortably and have a more stable life than what I had when I was coming up.  Getting into Engineering was just all God really.  Ending up here was all God.

Anyway, finding out what to do next is a journey all in itself.  We have so many things we really want to do in life and at times we really just lack the courage to step outside of what is comfortable to make it happen.  In those moments where we are living those mundane day to days……….that’s when God shifts us into a situation where we are forced to evaluate ourselves on a more personal level.  I can say I believe that in those moments we are the most vulnerable to reflection and the most isolated from life…………uncomfortable.  We have to be isolated to shut out all of the “fillers” in life that keep us from realizing what is truly of value to us.    Put into a corner alone to look at what our dreams and purpose really look like to us.  Allowing them to be revealed in that solitude.  When life is happening and so much noise is going on around us, we may just keep punching that clock because it’s familiar and what we know.  But you can’t really ever be fulfilled living like that.

Being in a space where you are staring at yourself in the mirror is not an easy space to exist in.  There is a process that is happening in that alone place.  It’s even worse when you didn’t pick that particular time to be alone and in your own thoughts (that time in life where it is forced upon you!)………..figuring yourself out.  I’m coming into my purpose as we speak.  The last year has been a year of isolation, growth, reflection, realization.  This place is really pushing my limits.  My expectation of myself is being rejuvenated and the bar that I have always set for myself is being pushed even higher.  I’m more understanding of what I’m capable of in these moments and pushing aside fear to pursue the things that matter most in my life.  Those dreams I had aren’t dormant anymore.  Being alone and able to focus on me has allowed me to renew the spirit of POSSIBILITIES.  Anything is possible.  What you believe you can achieve.

So if you are having a mid life crisis and not sure what to do with yourself, just take that time for yourself.  Don’t be afraid to truly sit down and decide what needs to be eliminated.  Some things should stay but some things should go.  Purge.  It’s okay to part with things that are not allowing you to fully see your destiny or grow into it.  If living a fulfilling life is what is important to you, you owe yourself that alone time to figure that out.  It may not be a aha moment that happens in a time period that you expect……………but it’s worth knowing you allowed that time to yourself to get to the place your heart truly desires for you to be. 

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B

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