Staying Faithful

I have never had a problem in being faithful (for the most part but God is working on me!).  Grew up loving God passionately.  Always did.  Walked to church when I didn’t have a ride.  Even as a child I was clear that nothing would keep me away from the growth I needed and the love and support I needed from my Father in Heaven.  Life has a funny way of changing things.  Maybe not necessarily your faith, but the way you exercise and how much you give to growing in it.  When you change, God makes changes.

I have had the most tumultuous two years of my entire adult life.  I don’t compare it to my childhood because that’s a different situation.  Where you have no control and you are moving through life praying for the day that you will take the reigns of your destiny in your own hands.  But as an adult, when you don’t have control, it feels so different.  You get upset.  You get irritable.  You get nervous.  Because beyond your circumstances sometimes you can not see.  You don’t know why you are going through that test or that trial or why God has allowed you to drift into that particular wilderness at that particular time.  Faith is rocked in those moments.  Even the most saved and sanctified will tell you that.  You trust God, but you have a “side-eye” moment with him.  You start asking questions………

I’ve come to a crossroads in my life.  There are difficult decisions that need to be made.  Sacrifices that have to be made.  And even if answers don’t come from sources that have those answers, what God has put in me, the gifts that he has given, the lessons he has allowed me to learn…………..those are all the things I need to make those choices.  I’m learning that we don’t trust enough the tools that God has given.  We want to hear from him so clearly all the time because we want the assurance that we are making the right choices.  But a key part of having the faith that we have is understanding that God already equipped us with what we needed to be successful. The most significant times in exercising those tools are the times in which it seems impossible.  That no matter what choice you make it won’t be the right choice.  He is waiting right there for us to trust in the strength he put inside of us all.  Simply because that’s the hardest time in life to believe in it.

My mind is a mind I’d like to give away sometimes JIt works hard.  It comes up with many different avenues of approach, many different reasons, many different answers.  None of which I know to be factual.  I end up having many different choices to select from and I immobilize myself because I can’t decide which way to turn with it.  As I continue to grow as a woman, this too is a challenge that I face.  Being so calculated and believing everything needs a reason has gotten me in precarious situations.  But sometimes things just are what they are and there is no justification for it.  It just it what it is. 

So I’d like to tell everyone who follows me something important…………..Trust that small voice you hear.  Make sound decisions that do not jeopardize the concern, consideration and love you have for yourself.  Live your life without regrets so don’t make decisions that make that happen (and even if you do, learn from them and don’t make them again!!!).  Pay attention to the signs that God shows you.  Your destiny is written.  It’s definitely up to you what route you use to get there, but you will get there either way.  Choose wisely the road you travel.  Reflect on your mistakes for growth purposes only and leave them in your past.  When it’s time to let go of anything or anyone, let go.  When it’s time to move on from something in your life, move on.  Have no doubt that God has the ability to rebuild and restore whatever you have lost in a way that surpasses your expectations.  Trust Him even when the storm is out of control in your life.  He will stand on His promise because God does not lie. 

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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