Support Along The Way

There are roads that we are destined to travel in life.  In my personal opinion, they are either filled with a thousand twists and turns, detours, hills, mountains, pot holes, red lights, and yield signs or they are smooth.........because we pay attention to the signs that say CAUTION, turn down the alternate route.  But regardless to the path taken and the roads traveled along that path, life is happening, we are living and the growth we experience is unforgettable. It's necessary. And what's also necessary is the support system provided to you along the way.

When I was growing up I was super close to my family. We did everything together. It didn't matter what it was or how anyone felt. We never missed the time we needed to spend with one another. But as I have aged I realized just how broken it all was. How broken so many were because of whatever issues they experienced with their family members. Feelings they couldn't get past or chose not to get past. It made family time less and less important and more and more scarce. I didn't notice the break right away because I moved away from home but once I did, things were never the same for me again.

The break with my family gave me revelation.  I truly believe it's why God blessed me with the friends he did. Incredible friends. Friendships that at times I don't feel deserving of. When I look at them and all they do for me it makes the life journey so much more bearable. They make some of the roads I stubbornly travel easier. When I climb a mountain that God showed me before I got to it, they are waiting at the bottom to walk with me. It doesn't matter the task, there is not a time that they haven't taken the ride with me. 

As I sit in my thoughts about to experience another major milestone in my life, I hear movement in my house. We are all preparing. I'm preparing and so are they. They are moving and adjusting and praying and provisioning. Just as they always do. I don't look around and see anyone but them through most of the journeys I embark upon and it made me want to share something significant with the people who subscribe to everything pertaining to Miss B.

Life will never be a cakewalk for me. I've accepted that. I'm stubborn and driven, focused and assured in most things, outspoken and many things that make up me. And I know many people can say the same things about themselves. That's okay. We wouldn't be who we are if we weren't comprised of all the complications that pile up high regarding us as we keep living.  I take the road less traveled and I'm not always obedient. I fight so hard sometimes I get angry with myself because I'd be spared so much pain if I just let it go when I knew I should. But I'm not built that way.........even as I grow there is a part of me that is optimistic and dreamy for the things I desire. My roads wind and bend for that reason. My tires explode from the potholes I hit. My vehicles must be services often because there are no real rest stops!!! I'm too much of a busy body for that! I laugh at myself often because of it.

This journey is amazing though regardless of occasional aches and pains, because my support system is always in the rears. Helping me pick up broken pieces and encouraging me as I attempt to mend them. Helping me re-realize my dreams. Helping me plan my next move. Motivating me when I fail. Celebrating with me when I succeed. Simply just believing in me and loving me for who I am even when I'm crazy. I truthfully have always had a hard time accepting help.  Moving away from home and making a life for myself allowed me a certain independence that I have always had a desire to maintain in every aspect of what I do. I was bitter, stubborn, lonely and uninterested in unpacking and dealing with my true feelings. I isolated myself from everything that appeared to compromise my independence and was seemingly foolish..........that right there is why God brought in the system he did. Unwavering support and love for even the bullheaded side of me that needed to be softened and restructured. 

What I would like to say to everyone out there is something very true and something I continue to learn as I keep living.  If you stay the course presented to you in the life you live and endure all that you will no matter the level of difficulty, you will see the benefit of success no matter how often you fail and God will increase your network with people who support the dream along the way.........we can't get through life alone and we never will be able to accomplish that feat regardless to the strength we put into the try. It's easy to say and a lesson much harder to accept or implement but it's worth it in the long run.  I am welcoming new challenges and obstacles today that make me nervous, anxious and fearful but that's life! And I'm not facing them alone. I have a team surrounding me. It's full of everything I never even knew I needed which makes the journey even better than I could have ever wished for. I wish the same for you!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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