Through Rose Colored Lenses

I want to just ask this question…….Why do we create our own reality to make life fit into the box we design for it?  Why do we decide that what we want is the only thing that matters instead of looking at the entire picture and realizing that it isn’t what we need at all?  Why are we so hell bent on bending and twisting things into our own personal perception of its existence that the truth becomes completely distorted while the lies we tell ourselves are what we begin to stand on?  Why?

I’ve been looking in on a peculiar situation that made me look at myself.  Everything in life we experience or see should be something that makes us reflect on ourselves so that we are constantly growing and becoming better.  So as I’m looking at it, I see just how reality can so easily be overlooked.  Especially when you are coming from a place of emotion.  It’s so easy to look at something we don’t like and tuck it away so that we don’t have to deal with it.  It eases the pain we feel from it because most of the things we tuck away in life are things we don’t have the appropriate amount of strength, courage or know how to deal with.  Once we no longer see it or hold it to be our actual truth, we can begin modifying it to fit our desired level of comfort in the situation.  Fill in the painful gaps with things that make us feel better about it.  We start moving like the reality of it is no longer the reality of it.  This is all wrong people…………….COMPLETELY WRONG!

You cannot walk through life avoiding what’s real because it makes you feel better.  The truth will always be the truth in a nutshell.  I don’t want anyone to believe that I’m saying not to look at the brighter side of things and always see the positive in every negative situation.  But I am saying that you cannot believe that a fabricated truth will overshadow the truth that really exists.  You can’t live your most fulfilling life, taking in everything made for you, receiving all God has for you, smelling every rose and basking in every bit of sunshine while you are living a lie. You are cheating yourself.  You are selling yourself short and in that process you are not manifesting and partaking in the life you are deserving of.  So why cheat yourself out of that for the sake of something or someone?  Why make something or someone so much more important than yourself that you PRETEND what’s real is not?

It saddens me greatly when I see myself or people in my life minimize who and what they are for something else.  The many times I too have done it because I was not willing to or ready to accept something for what it was all along.  Rose colored glasses………………..we all have a pair of those in a drawer somewhere close by.  We decide when we want to wear them and when we don’t.  Every now and then I still use mines because it does often feel good to ease the pain of things by minimizing the facts at hand.  That why I’m a work in progress when it comes to disposing of my personal pair though I’m doing the work!!  When you put it in proper perspective and decide to have an honest moment with yourself, you see that accepting the truth is so much easier than living a lie.  It’s much easier to put your sanity and wellbeing over the fallacy that something you are exposed to is something that it truly isn’t.

So what I hope for all of you is that you choose yourselves.  Choose the truth.  Choose peace and sanity.  All of the cover ups only delay the inevitable.  The truth will always surface and show itself to you again and the truth is what you will always have to deal with at some point.  When you see something or someone for what they are, take heed and believe.  This is no time to use your imagination and live in a fantasy.  Life is too short for anything else!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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