Walk In My Shoes

Let me just say that my Michael Kors sneakers don't fit like, look like or feel like those of the next person regardless to how hard they may try to make it so............So when someone says something to me that makes me feel they think they know more about this life we live than anyone else, I get a bit in my feelings.

I had someone tell me recently that we all have been through things in this life.  I’m not the only one.  Probably because I say at times that I’ve been through a lot of things.  I didn’t respond in the moment because I knew that whatever I did say wouldn’t come out right due to how I felt when the words left their lips.  A flash back of my experiences went through my mind and everything I could have said came to the tip of my tongue all in that moment but I am clear that perception is everything.   I no doubt know that in this world we live in, people have been in difficult situations and life has not been easy, but I won’t be compartmentalized due to other’s struggles because the truth is, you don’t know my story and you’ve never walked in these shoes.

I decided years ago to write a book about my life and am still actually working on the manuscript today.  Not because I want the world to know all that I have endured since I was a child but because I wanted to bless someone’s life.  Every test and trial I have experienced was for me to be processed and elevated but not just that……………it was for someone else.  It was so that they know without question that no matter your late nights, your tears, your pain, your time on your knees yelling at God at the top of your lungs, you can make it through whatever it is.  No matter the smile people see on your face and the life they feel you live, they never know what happens inside your prayer closet.  It is never harder than God can deal with or handle and regardless to the distress you feel in it, there will be something greater on the other side of that struggle. 

I’m a complicated person.  I’m emotional.  I’m loud.  I’m live and in color.  My passion is misunderstood sometimes.  I can pray for you or go upside your head in zero to sixty seconds.  I’m extreme.  I know that about me.   I’m so many things so I don’t ever want anyone to put me in a box. I say that a lot and have likely said it in another blog.  I’m not interested in being marginalized because I’m dynamic.  I have so many compartments to my soul that one human would never be able to discover everything there is to discover about me.  All they need to know is that through it all and despite of it all, I’m still able to live, love and laugh in this life and nothing has stolen the joy that belongs to me.  I should be accepted for who I am just like anyone else should and if someone can’t appreciate the person you are on the inside despite character flaws that are only one portion of who you are, they aren’t worthy of you.  Don’t settle for less than what you deserve because you don’t deserve that. Always know what you are worth because it is very likely that it may take more time than you expected to find someone who also understands and sees it.

People are able to judge another based on how they are as individuals.  But who is to judge me but God and have a meaningful say?  Not when the flaws they possess are flaws that they overlook in order to justify why others are worse than they.  Maturation is a powerful word that some people struggle understanding and processing.  They run from the cycle instead of jumping head first into it to become better individuals.  Your level…………………..the level you are supposed to be on, is higher than the level you are currently on.  If you don’t jump into this process free of inhabitations and fears, you will without a doubt miss what is in store for your life.  You can’t get there assuming you know more about life than the next person because you will never reach your potential worrying about the next person’s process.

Process…………….my process is no one else’s process.  Your process is not my process.  Your sister’s process is not your process.  Instead of assuming that we all are in one boat and that what we’ve experienced should not have any bearing on who we are and how we handle current situations, come to the realization that that is untrue and is ludicrous.  Whether you look inside and clearly attribute how you handle something in your life and how it correlates to something else you experienced before or whether you are blind to it because you don’t think about your past, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  We are shaped by life.  We grow based on experience.  We mature based on the process.  There is no getting around that point.  The best thing to do is to determine in what way it affects you and deal with it accordingly.  It’s the same way you can explain two children growing up in a house with the same parents and turning out two separate ways…………………..YOU CAN’T because it will never make sense but it’s their reality.

So before you sit on a pedestal and make decisions about how people should respond to life’s experiences……………….DON’T.  Understand that there is no way to tell people how to be.  The billions of people on this planet all have their own minds, feelings, experiences and journeys.  No matter how you deal with the places in life you visit, continue to grow and stay as judgmental-less as possible because you have no right to decide how people deal with their life’s struggles and trials.  Just pray for their growth and that they never let them affect them in a way that changes the positive trajectory of their life.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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