What Is The New Year For Me

For the first time ever in my life I considered my New Year as starting on my actual birthday.  I started putting some things into perspective and it just makes sense to me to start your new year at that moment.  A new age, a new time, a new year for you, new ideas, new mindset, fresh set of new experiences to be had………perfect.  I hate to say things like a new me or trying to pretend that in just that one day I will have a completely different way of looking at life.  I never want to pretend I may not mess up and make the same mistake again………….but typically the goal is to be better than you were the previous year.   So I typically like to just say that as I continue to work on me, these are the things I want moving forward.

One thing I definitely wanted to work on this year is finishing up some of the things I have started.  I am the most scatter brained person you will ever meet.  I have a million and seven ideas on what I want to do with this life, eighteen million places I want to travel, forty two million pairs of shoes I want to add to my wardrobe…………….so on and so on.  I start working towards a goal and the next thing you know I start something else!  That leaves everything I started prior to behind because I’m excited about the next thing.  Don’t judge me!  That’s my truth.  I can admit it’s not a good habit to form so I definitely have the plan to close out some things I started without a doubt.

I want to worry less about the things I can’t change.  Capricorns are perfectionists that are passionate and committed, consistent and driven……………we are kind, loyal, creative (not to mention we start and end the year so we are the sign that runs the world).  That keeps us pretty mind exhausted.  I am always trying to figure out how to fix or change something that I don’t understand instead of just accepting it for what it is.  You just can’t change things and people.  If it were that easy we would all be doing it and extremely happy about it.  It’s starting to become more important to me how much I meet my own expectations instead of how much others do or don’t.  It’s important now to be my biggest cheerleader so I am capable of being the best person I can be to myself, my little boy and everyone who comes in contact with me.

No matter what happens in my new year I want it to be better than all the years before.  If you have no other goals that should definitely be one of them.  I see a lot of people having vision board parties but even if you don’t do that, write the vision down for you and make it plain for God what your heart desires.  All things are possible when you put your mind to them.  You should be one step ahead when your year is done than you were the year before and constantly working to release the negative and take in the positive.  No matter what you have to let go of or leave behind to be elevated to the next level, pray for strength for that and keep moving!  The more positivity you speak, live and conjure, the more positive your space will become!  Here’s to an awesome year ahead!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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