Building Up Your Brand

When building your brand and expanding your network, you have to learn to step outside of your comfort zone.  This can be very frustrating and difficult for some people………… me who aren’t the most social, unwilling to sell things and feels awkward when putting themselves in the spotlight.  Truth is, you have to place yourself in a light that illuminates your talent and highlights your gifts so that others will believe in your plan as much as you do.  Regardless to how painful this may be it is so very necessary! As I continue to expand and grow, I’m learning things about the process along the way that may be useful for others who endure the same struggles I do.

  • First things first………….Ignore what you THINK people may feel about what you are saying or doing.  We get in our own way sometimes because we are so focused on perception.  The most successful people aren’t ones who thrive on the views of others.  They are pushing themselves based on how they view themselves. 
  • That leads right into the next point………..Change the way you view yourself!  You have to see yourself victorious in your endeavor.  It really is a mind over matter type of situation.  If you pay attention to your progress and success (no matter how small) they will be what drive you.  The unfortunate thing is that most of the time we are paying attention to the thing that will not push us further along in our success plan.  See yourself as a winner.  See yourself as accomplished.  Envision yourself among the people you admire or look up to. 
  • Next, don’t ever feel as though you are doing too much.   After your plan is solid and your purpose is known to you, you’ve got to MARKET MARKET MARKET!  For me, sometimes I feel like if I tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post a few times a day that is okay.  Reality is, you are only hitting a small amount of people at that one point.  Even if you can’t be near your accounts during the day like me, set up a schedule that will continue to promote your content while you can’t!
  • Something super significant that I’m getting better with………Make sure you attend events with other people who are doing what you do.  There are so many different avenues you can take advantage of when you are building your brand.  There are so many different people you can learn from.  What better way to tap into that market than to attend the events they host or attend?  Not only does it give you exposure but it can also motivate you.  For me, when I’m going through a down moment or a moment where I’m lacking the motivation to keep pushing myself, being around others who still have the spark reignites the passion lying dormant within me.  We all need that sometimes and it’s okay to get it from sources like these!
  • The most important thing of all is just believing in yourself.  You’ve got to believe in the dream that lives within you.  Some people never follow their dreams out of fear or inability to see how they can make it materialize in to what they want it to be.  So for anyone who is pushing themselves right now and has accomplished even a fraction of what they believe in themselves for, they are already ahead of the pack.  It’s hard work to take a dream and make it real but it is not impossible and it’s important that everyone remembers that when they begin their process.

Day to day I am still working through the reservations and ups and downs of building a brand for myself.  When you look around and see so many people doing what you love and being successful, you begin to compare yourself to them and it can be a little nerve wrecking.  Especially when the way they do things is not the way you are doing them.  You may second guess yourself and feel that your way is not adequate but you have to accomplish your mission in the way that works for you…………..not them.  There will be times that you switch and change it up because you may feel that a different direction is necessary.  It’s called Re-Branding and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.  Sometimes you have to do that a few times to get where you want to be.  But you will get there as long as you never give up on yourself!!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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