Learning to Adjust to the Shakeup

We all get to cross roads in our lives where it’s time to make tough decisions.  Whether it is forced upon us or we slowly approach it, it happens no matter what!  For the last few years I’ve been completely out of control of my career and for those that know me, they know I don’t operate well under those circumstances…………………but here I stand.  AGAIN!  Out of control of how things happen.  I used to get really upset about it and it would completely ruin my mood.  My have things changed!!  I may get initially pissed with the change but once I realize that change is upon me, I make moves to get on out the way and on to something else!  I realize that as life happens I’m equipped to deal with those changes.  I have all the tools in my tool box to make it happen.  It has truly reduced my level of stress because I’m really just going with the flow of life and making one decision at a time!

There are many reasons it used to be hard for me to accept the change in pace but mainly it was because my career used to be the one area of my life that I always seemed to bend to my will.  After I finished my first degree there was no stopping me.  The sky was the limit.  I mentioned in previous blogs how I would just say I wanted something and didn’t think twice about it because I knew it was coming.  That’s the kind of confidence I had with it.  If nothing else went right, the career was right!  Until one day it wasn’t.  And it took a long time for me to accept that everything isn’t always what we want it to be.  It isn’t always in line with our plan.  It isn’t always where we feel we deserve to be at certain moments in our lives.  But no matter what, everything we learned before we lost control of that “something” prepared us to be out of control.  We just have to be open to that idea.  You have to learn to be out of control so you know what it’s like to readjust and formulate new plans.

Recently I transitioned at work into a new position.  Didn’t even see it coming.  I’d been trying to make connections in my new company so that people would know what I was capable of and what was on my two year plan.  They aren’t aware of the moves I made before I arrived even though they are all on my resume.  It was more so a situation where I was left to RE-PROVE myself to the powers that be.  Needless to say, the new job was an open door into something completely new and beneficial for me.  But then it happened folks………………..the unexpected twist of events.  Don’t get me wrong, engineering life isn’t new to me and I’m not unfamiliar with the risks that come along with doing what I do, but just a few months in I’m already dealing with foolishness?!?!?  I was completely uninterested. 

This time for me is different though and that’s why I’m sharing this.  I was initially irritated, over it, frustrated, disappointed, pissed…………..you name it I was that!  But after that wore off I was already coming up with a way to readjust to the situation.  We can’t spend a lot of time sulking on what was or what could have been.  That takes up necessary time you need to pull it together and get on with life.  Bouncing back is a technique we have to perfect, but once we know it and get the hang of it, it is second nature.  That’s what moments like these are for.  They are to refine your bounce back process.  No need to dwell.  Move.  Change.  Grow.  That’s just how things have to be.  

It does take positive perspective to see things more clearly when they don’t seem to be working in your favor.  At times you get so overwhelmed with the failure, or what seems like failure, that you don’t see the true testament of it all.  We get shifted and adjusted in life so we can move forward.  When it’s no longer the right place for us to be in life it’s time to move.  Comfort breeds a pattern that fosters complacency.  I strongly believe that God did not intend for His best to sit in patterns that don’t lead to forward movement. 

I always tell myself a few things when I’m experiencing unwanted, unwarranted or what I consider unnecessary changes.  They help me KEEP things in perspective so I don’t get off course. 

  • Stay Positive- life changes don’t just happen to you and they won’t stop happening to you so always find the silver lining in all that you experience. 
  • Learn the Lesson- make the time to see what you should take away from the situation so you aren’t A) coming back around to it or B) building up resentment because of it.  Everything is for your benefit so figure out what it is.
  • Be A Blessing- sometimes we go through things not for us but for those around us.  We are being used to show others just how POSSIBLE all things are.  Keep your head up during the shake up because it’s a message.
  • Stay Prepared – if you keep on living, you’ll keep on growing and experiencing.  Never think about why or how it happened.  Just know it did and prepare as best you can for whatever comes next.
  • Embrace the Growth – above all else…………..GROW GROW and GROW some more!

At times these shifts in life are foreseen and sometimes they aren’t.  Sometimes we hear the still small voice and sometimes we ignore it.  That shake up in life comes no matter how much we resist or decide it’s not going to happen to us.  I learned a long time ago not to say what would and wouldn’t happen to me because each time I’ve said it, I ate those words.  Every time I attempted to plan around a potential shake up, it still somehow made its way into my personal space anyway.  Invading all my good God given privacy.  But today I’m better for it and much better off because of it.  Stress levels are way down because either way I KNOW it will be worked out.  As long as we are constantly improving and learning from life, we always get through it.  

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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