No New Year's Resolutions

I'm not the biggest on New Year's Resolutions and typically don't make any.  I usually just say I want to be a better version of myself and pray that's what I work on as the year progresses.  Every year I write a post very similar to this one.  Most of us take this time of year to reflect back on all the ups and downs we’ve had over the year.  We evaluate the goals we set and if we met the mark on any of the things that we said we would and wouldn’t do.  Even if we decide not to come up with resolutions, we still think of ways we want to be better as we enter into a new year.  I’m very much so one of those people who likes to reflect so that I’m capable of renewing my sense of self, reestablishing new goals, resurrecting or correcting the vision of any old ones and deciding which direction I need to go in to be better than I was before.

That’s key for me.  I’m at a place in my life where perfection is a myth and I know it.  2016 brought things I certainly could have done without, didn't know would happen and blessing that have me stressed and excited all at the same time!  That's also why I've arrived at a place in my life where I accept that everything we desire to happen or everything we wish to have is absolutely not for us.  This place has given me much clarity on how to deal with my life moving forward.  I’ve had to be resilient and flexible when thinking of different ways to approach life so that I’m able to bounce back when those things I thought were for me or where going to happen didn’t………………….or the thing I didn’t plan for changed my life forever. 

Taking responsibility for who you are and where you are going in life is really paramount as we grow.  The ball drops at midnight and it’s a new year but some of us are not moving forward like we should.  We are bringing so much baggage and much of our old mindsets with us.  So how new is the year really going to be if you weren’t preparing beforehand?  We are human.  You don’t flip a switch and change overnight.  It is a process that takes time and most of all patience with yourself.  Truth is, as long as you keep giving yourself permission to be human while also taking away the thing that prevent your growth, when this time of year comes around there will be less memes, vision boards, blogs, conversations and sticky notes on your bathroom mirror that look the same as the ones did the year before.

I’m giving myself permission in 2017 to let go of anything that isn’t for me.  I have worked so hard at life and given so much to things and people around me that I didn’t take much time to prepare for life’s curve balls.  When they hit, I panicked, freaked out, went into a tremendous state of depression……………couldn’t figure out how I would deal with all that was coming my way.  Even today as I tell you all to refocus on just being a better you and finishing things you start that truly matter, I still work on ways to accept my humanism, my inability to give up on something I believe in after I see the signs to abandon it, my horror in letting go of something because I always ask myself “what if”, the flaw of seeing the best in someone beyond what they show or even see in themselves, the inability to say I came, I saw, I conquered and it’s okay that it’s no longer for me.  All the demons I know I struggle to fight. 

The best thing about having a proverbial clock that restarts is that you can use that time to reset.  Not resetting because everyone else around you is doing it, but because there are things that you have another day to take control of and get right in your life.  You have another day to get things right for you.  I heard this morning that we often reach back too much in to the things of our past and as we reach back we are reaching back at air.  That past is gone.  The person you were in it no longer exists.  You are a different person in your here and now and if you don’t see that you will never move forward to what awaits on the other side of your today.  I can tell you from experience that living in the past only keeps you stuck in situations that only exist in your mind and in your mind is where you will stay until you are tired of being stuck.

So with that I say to everyone have a great New Year.  Drink your champagne and celebrate with the ones you love.  Look forward to all the things you promised yourself.  But be realistic in knowing that all you promised yourself can only be accomplished if you commit to yourself that YOU will do it despite what obstacles are in your way and that YOU ALONE will release it all if you ever see it’s not for you so you can apply that time to a new and more meaningful cause.  Stay focused because the twists and turns we all experience are not designed to break us.  They are designed to ensure we get better and stronger and smarter when it comes to living.  Rejecting anything that is not designed to take us to our next and preferred destination in life!


Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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