Recharge: When Being Checked On Your Faith

When you have friends who truly love you……………..I mean love you to the moon and back, they don’t mind giving you a complete reality check when they feel you need it.  I just had one of those and it came at a really good time in my life.  We don’t always feel that God is working on our behalf but the truth is, if He wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here in one piece and in our right minds.

If I could give a list of times my faith has been tested, it would be longer than I’d care to admit.  Being a Christian isn’t an easy thing and life doesn’t just GO AS PLANNED because you have a relationship with God.  If anything, He continues to process you as you continue to move higher and higher in your faith.  The trade-off for that height is trials and tribulations and speaking for myself, many of those periods can often leave me feeling beaten down, bruised and a little disconnected from God.

So as I’m sitting there with my best friend this weekend having a Girl’s Night In, she starts going in on me!  She was telling me how I’ve been playing with God instead of seeing the way He is making for me, the things He has continued to bless me with and that I don’t truly trust Him as I should.  She really had me sitting there thinking in that moment……………she’s right and He used the right person to convey that message to me.

Trust is a hard thing for me.  I’m sure many people can understand how trust does wither when you’ve lived a little.  When you’ve faced certain levels of disappointment or failure in your life you do begin to retract emotions from things and people because you start to feel that you can only trust the person you see when looking in the mirror.  Life can challenge you in that way sometimes and in this instance, God too has been “shelved” in a sense because I’ve been looking to myself and not to Him.  Not because He hasn’t bailed me out in the worst moments of my life, brought awesome people into my life to support and encourage me, help me reach almost every goal I’ve wanted to achieve, turned around impossible situations……………but because the few things that He says no to, I can’t take and it feels like it kills me!  I know I’m being dramatic but the truth is, we don’t like to hear no when we really think we want something or feel that something is for us.  One of the biggest lessons I’m learning though is this: His No is protection and that doesn’t always seem like the case when we are living in the moment.

My best friend………… sister…………….she made it clear to me that God was using her in that moment to say, none of this is you.  All you have, who you are, all you will be and everything you will achieve is because of the love I have for you.  And that is so amazing when you really think about it.  As I have my back halfway to Him because of all I’ve been through, He’s still making incredible ways for me in my life.  So before I completely shut down due to the pain and disappointment I have faced in life thus far, He sends me a message that lets me know, “Hey!  I’m still here.  Don’t forget it!”. 

So after receiving that wakeup call that none of this is me, I wanted to make sure I shared that with everyone else.  For as long as we live things will happen that make us weak.  We will distrust even those we are the closest to so that we can feel we are protecting the deepest part of ourselves from the hurt and disappointment that are possible but not guaranteed.  But no matter how far we drift, God will always send a reminder that He’s near and you aren’t alone no matter what you are facing.  Just keep looking to Him for the answers and never to yourself. 

It’s easy to get off track when it comes to staying focused on what is really important.  I know that because I fill my days with THINGS!  Meetings, blogging, shopping, reading, business ventures that I’m not even sure about, books I want to write and never finish, social media, friends……………WHATEVER!  But filling life with nonsense that may or may not be important doesn’t take away from the focus you should have on what truly is. 

Some things I’m learning to do are:

  • Take a moment to pray or mediate.
    • You have to keep your connection with God strong so that when things happen, your knee-jerk response isn’t running from Him.  Find your center and gain so much peace in your life.  It really makes for a better and more focused day.
  • Do Daily Devotion
    • There are really no excuses for not reading your Bible (or whatever material that helps you focus on building up your faith).  There are electronic methods, books on tape, online………….whatever you find convenient.  You can’t keep it hidden in your heart if you don’t even know it!
  • Have Positive Affirmations That Reinforce Areas In Your Life That You Need More Support.
    • Speaking positivity into your life is something that people take for granted.  They don’t realize just how important it is and how powerful it can be.  Being positive really does change your perspective on life and it keeps those vibes flowing around you always.  Before you know it, great things are happening to you and those you touch because you ensure your space is positive.  So no matter what you face, you face it with optimism because you always know that everything is working for your benefit.
  • Cut Out Things That Drain You or Are Of No Benefit To Progression In Your Life.
    • We often hold on to things that are not helping us move to the next phase of our lives.  We always think we know better than anyone else even when we see how much hell it causes us.  Letting go of these things gives us room to receive the things that truly are for us.  You can never move forward holding on to things that have already proven to be wrong for you.  Let It Go!
  • Listen To That Still Small Voice
    • God is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS giving us signs of direction.  I will just simply tell you to pay attention to those signs.  Period!
  • Rest!
    • You have to put back in to yourself what you pour out.  There is nothing left to give if you are not replenishing.  You need that time to rejuvenate and connect with God.

I am Gradual Progress in Process just like everyone else and if it wasn’t for my best friend jumping in my face and giving me that reminder, I would still be ignoring those voices and signs.  I’m human and the times that I’m exhausted from disappointment definitely pushed me into different spaces of mistrust……………and slight abandonment of my faith.  But I’m so grateful that God brings people into our lives to remind us and to be used when we aren’t listening to Him.  It’s always right on time!  So whether you are religious or not, I hope this helps provide a little more structure when you find yourself falling apart.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B


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