Refocusing Your To-Do List

Refocusing Your To-Do List

How do you regain the motivation to accomplish your goals when you are sitting in a stagnant place?  What pushes you to move forward and reevaluate your progress on the things that you want to accomplish or even the things you haven’t started working on yet but have on your radar?  When you look at these things, how do you determine if they are still in alignment with where you are headed in your life today?  I am always reworking my “TO DO” list.  Things come up in life that provide me plenty of opportunity to re-structure my list and decide what still is for me and what may no longer fit.  It’s a lot of work and often tiring because it takes real work to look at yourself and sort through yourself.  Regardless of that fact, it has to be done at some point.  If I’m being honest, there is almost a level of impracticality to my list though I likely could accomplish many of the things on it.  But as I keep living I consistently scrub the tasks I lay out before myself so I’m not overwhelmed or investing energy into things I truly don’t want to do anymore.

Ultimately, (and I hope this rings true for everyone) we are always growing and changing.  Those changes often are the reasons why where we want to go in life shifts and our desires become modified.  No matter how big or small the changes are that arise, there is always a period where contentment’s feathers are ruffled and the subconscious is telling us to move forward…………with SOMETHING!  ANYTHING!  Lately life has caused me to pull out my proverbial pencil, erase some of the things I felt I needed to do and replace those with some that are more significant.  Setting new goals designed specifically to make me happy and hopefully be things that will positively effect the lives of others around me.  To me, that’s truly what life is about anyway.  Touching and changing others’ lives around us for the better so everyone is in the line of those movements will win too.

My priorities are completely different than they were five years ago……even two years ago!  I don’t necessarily need to chase anything.  I now embrace peace and happiness through the enjoyment of the little things.  I don’t feel less than because I’m not moving and shaking the way I once did or the way someone else is nor do I spend time comparing myself to where someone else is in there life.  I only see me and where I hope to be eventually while appreciating where I currently am.  When I was younger I was driven by my passion to get ahead and be successful.  I was pushing myself like this because I wanted to create a stable life for myself and my son.  I also wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of anything.  Outdoing myself with each task I tackled.  I was competing with the last accomplishment, the last promotion, the last trip, the last car……………it didn’t matter what it was, I was working hard to prove myself to me.  Even though there is still that competitive streak within me, I now know that I don’t have to sprint ahead and lose out on the moment that I’m in now.  There is nothing I am missing.  I don’t have to be afraid of the spaces where I’m not working harder than I did in a previous segment of my life.  I allow today to be more important though I don’t forget about yesterday or neglect what I need to do to prepare for tomorrow. 

The roses of life smell sweeter now because I do away with what is not significant in life…….I’m actually standing still long enough to smell them!  Anything that takes my energy from high value list items is immediately eliminated.  Not only does it decrease stress but it keeps things in perspective.  I can see what I need and don’t wherever I am in my life at that time.  There is no rush to things when we have the level of peace needed to focus on one goal at a time and truly make it everything we want it to be.  I used to work a million things at once which helped me see how much that clutters one’s ability to be effective.  There is little benefit to tackling many things at once because it leaves much things to be desired and many things dangling without completion.  What is the benefit of doing everything and barely finishing but a few?  It’s a waste of time and energy that could be used to bring one full thing to fruition.  Knowing that, it is important to me to gain focus on one thing and master it.  Once I’m there I can move along to something else giving it my full time and attention.    

Age doesn’t bring about maturity and wisdom but living life and embracing the lessons learned does.  With that wisdom comes the ability to sort through where you’ve been, where you are and where you are going in your life.  Having a clear understanding of those things helps to put so many things you desire in your heart into focus.  It allows you to do away with all things that don’t make sense for where you are and pick up only the things that there is hope and purpose for.  Even if I only get around to just a few things on that list, I can now be proud of the things I have accomplished because they are clearer to me now than they were when I was sprinting full speed ahead.  It kept me out of touch with my true priorities.  Thankfully that is behind me now because I have a renewed focused and new things that have come along are more important than things that once were.  My plans have now changed and passion for true and total happiness for the rest of my life push me into a new place of self-evaluation and life prioritization!  Well thought out plans and focus almost always reignite the fire within us to pick up the next thing we want to do and truly do it! 

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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