Suffering With The Dreaded Writers Block!

Let me just be clear…………….the life of a writer is not easy!  I promise you it isn’t.  We always have to think above and beyond anyone else who doesn’t feel the need to capture their creativity through words with every single thing they do, encounter, think or feel.  I go through periods of time where I am on complete fire and I can crank out a blog in an hour.  That includes the entire blog, re-writes, edits and four additional read throughs just to make sure I have said everything it is I want to say……… know………..make every single point.

Lately I have been completely blocked.  Probably because I have so much going on in my personal life that my creative streak is streaked out.  Virtually invisible.  I don’t even know where it is.  It’s almost like I never had it!  I know that my fellow writers out there get it.  I think it’s weird how you can go from working on 2 books and blogging three or four times a week, to having almost an entire month that you haven’t written a new blog entry for your followers!  I’m working hard to resolve it.

You get panicked at this point because your readers want to know what is going on.  They want new material and when they come to the blog and see nothing, they are confused as to why you have taken a hiatus.  Believe me folks……………it’s not because I want to.  I really want to give you everything you are used to seeing!  Sometimes the brain just can’t give the people what they really want because it is struggling to give you what you want as the writer!

Knowing that I can’t stay in this place but for so long before my blog withers and dies, my books become dusty and my laptop dies a slow death, I’m working on some techniques to spark my creativity once again so I can get back at it!  Of course, in typical Bloggernista Fashion, I’m going to share that with you now!

First, I keep my cellphone close so I can make quick notes or voice memos so that I can put down whatever it is I’m drawing inspiration from when I’m out and about.  There is always always always something to write about and sometimes those things come to you while you are moving about the country.  Most of my best blogs have come from conversations or encounters that I’ve had throughout the day that I felt the need to voice my opinion on. 

Second, I have a notebook in my enormous tote bag so that if I don’t have access to electronics like I don’t throughout most of the day, I’m able to jot down what I’m thinking.  The amount f blogs that have come from waiting room sessions and car chronicle moments is amazing.  I’ve even come up with video blogs just from sitting somewhere waiting on someone or waiting on something to be done.

Third, the moment I hear something, I write something.  Even if it doesn’t become a blog, I still write it out.  I don’t want to waste the talent or the idea.  I think for most of us we want the blogs to come out quickly but that’s hard to do sometimes while maintaining stellar content that your readership will see as genuine,  heartfelt and real.  You don’t want to write just to write and in the moments where I feel the most blocked, I suffer with that the most.  All my writing is really connected to who I am and how I feel.  You can’t fake or rush that!

Next, build a catalog that allows you to pull from it when things are feeling a little stifled.  I know that people have their niche topics and some people are very much so in to hot topics that are happening now.  But it’s also very good to construct the shells you need to build upon so that you have material to reach back to when your creativity lacks creativity!

Lastly, re-read your older blogs and restructure them for re-use!  I know exactly how that sounds but I’ll tell you what…………you have some awesome blogs that the world felt were awesome too.  You have a ton of people who have shared your work and those blogs can be elaborated upon!  Believe me.  And even as you re-read you gain an appreciation for what you shared, how you shared it, why you shared it and the fact that you shared it in a way that only you can.  If no one can get your creative juices flowing again……………..YOU CAN!

I am still suffering a bit with pulling together some things I want to get out.  I always want to put my best self forward and sometimes it’s harder to get there.  The truth is, the more you challenge yourself the better you become so sometimes you don’t feel as good about something you have written when you are in this noncreative space.  Despite your lack of confidence in your down moments, keep drawing inspiration from every place you can so that you don’t lose the gift that you have of touching people with words.  It doesn’t matter how many people are doing it, how they are doing it, what their websites look like, how many people read their site……………it only matters how you do it, why you do it and what continues to push you to move forward in it!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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