When Starting A Business. Levels To This.

When there is a passion inside of you and it's ignited, there is only one way to deal with it........feed it!! Give it everything you've got and don't look back until you've given it every single thing you've got!  In those moments you are living in your full purpose and living the life that was designed just for you.

Today I had an electrifying conversation with a dear friend. He challenged me so much that I started taking notes for the blog while we spoke. I have been so adamant about not having a niche because I have said that I’m too dynamic to pin myself down to just a series of topics.  But what I realize in that conversation is that a niche is something that will allow people to connect to me deeply before I take them on other adventures. No matter what I have to give in other areas, I realize that SPECIFICS will allow people to know me on a level that’s much deeper.  I think I’m truly ready now to build up that part of myself and truly challenge myself to execute without excuses.

The reason I met with him today was because he’s starting a business.  I welcomed him to the world of Passion Finders because he is truly at that point in his life where he has discovered himself and his happy place!  With all of the trials and errors I have endured through the blogging process, I was able to give him some good feedback on how to get started without repeating my mistakes.  Even though I was “mentoring” him, we honestly fed off of one another in that conversation. It’s always good to have friends like that.  They push you past your own expectations of yourself and that is truly when you are able to find the best parts of yourself. 

Though I started this process four years ago, I went in to it with my eyes focused on only one thing and that was writing.  I didn’t have any idea who I wanted to write to or for or about.  All I knew was that I wanted to put down what I was thinking in a place where others could access it.  As I grow as a “business” owner, I realize now that even though my intentions were honorable, they have to be honed now that I want to reach more people with my words.  I want people to appreciate how I pour myself into my blog and I want it to mean as much to them as it does to me.  I want to connect to places in their minds that they didn’t explore so they can view things in a different light no matter what it is I’m speaking out.

Today I walked away from our conversation with so many things that even I thought would be good to capture in case anyone else sought out my opinion on how to begin and since I did that I wanted to share them.  This is not the end all be all of getting your online business started but it should definitely help you along the way!  So here you go!

  •  Have an awesome and catchy website. It is very important no matter what you do business wise to create a strong foundation.  Your website is the hub of your business and should be the place from which you expand.  People should have one place that they can access all of the things pertaining to your business.  I believe that having that in place allows you to provide consistency and stability for those who follow you.
  • Become the master of one thing before learning to become of the master of many.  Those who follow me would be surprised to hear that I do NOT and I repeat DO NOT like social media.  Yeah I get on to kind of see what’s happening, but now I get on because without it my blog wouldn’t survive.  And you don’t have to have an account everywhere.  You can build up your following wherever it is comfortable for you and then expand once you get that under control.  It really is what you are comfortable with.
  • Make a decision about your audience.  I have struggled with this since my topics are everywhere!  Today a blog can relate to teens and older and tomorrow just the working class working woman.  And though I love how free I feel to do that, it doesn’t help with branding at all!  There has to be a core even if you stray at times so I share that because it is something that is a consistent work in progress for me.  Not sure how I’ll get this under wraps but I’m working on it!
  • Always ensure that your content is consistent, relevant and authentic!  There are a million bloggers out there but there is only one you.  You can’t be replicated no matter how hard people try.  So even though it’s hard not to check out your favorite bloggers to see what they are doing, only admire their work and keep it moving.  People will follow your voice and your style if they truly like what you are bringing to the table. 
  • As you grow, create a business plan that allows you to see exactly what direction you want to take your blog in.  At first I thought this was a bit ludicrous for a blogger but then I realized that in reality, if you don’t know what direction you are going in, how will you get where you want to be?  This is definitely a lose document that will grow as you grow.  But at the very least you are able to give yourself some guidelines to work by that keep you focused on what your ultimate goal is.
  • Network!  Network!  Network!  I’ve met some amazing people on my journey from all walks of life that speak about a number of things.  The amount of support that you get from these groups is incredible.  Even checking out their pages and hearing things that work for them can continue to help you grow in your own way.  They boost my articles and I boost theirs.  It also helps you create new material based on your interactions with them so never limit yourself in this area.  Just don’t join so many that you can’t keep up with which you belong to!
  • Lastly, never be afraid to be yourself and take risks.  This is one area that I sometimes struggle with because you want to come up with ways to draw people in without giving away everything about yourself.  What I will say is just make sure that what you give, when you give and how you give will be something that helps someone else.  Don’t just give yourself away without at least knowing it will do that.  There are so many people on this planet because we were designed to support, motivate and build up one another and we are definitely capable of doing that through our own life’s experiences. 

 I am so fortunate to have people in my life that pull out the best in me.  They give me so much to look forward to because when I am in a drought, they help to reignite my passion for what I do………….not that it ever dies but the fire does sometimes burn a little lower than normal.  So as much as the conversation helped me today regain perspective and focus, I hope what came out of it helps you as well!

 Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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