When Stuck In A Rut..........FOCUS GROUP!

So last night was the first night that my accountability partners and I attended our newly formed focus group.  They just so happen to be my besties………………and who else to keep me in line and on point other than the ladies who know me best, know all my strengths and weaknesses and can COMPLETELY check me when I’m wrong?!?!  I promised them that I wouldn’t give away details on our sessions until we all sit down and agree, get solid lessons learned and have a good opportunity to sit down and hash out a written document to share.  So please by all means stay tuned because I do definitely intend to share.

Anyway, I am constantly learning new things about myself as I continue to purge things from my life that are blocking me from forward progression and rid myself of any fears I have of stepping out there to do the things I truly dream of doing.  I think most people with a creative flare or desire for more are likely going to these 9 to 5 jobs that make it possible to live the lives they  want to live…………….but feel very vacant of true purpose and life meaning.  This is what we want to accomplish and pull from one another.  Some things I definitely got off the top are things I wanted to share.  When you are clogged and feeling stuck in a rut, a few simple things should be done:

  • Figure out what it is that brings you pleasure. What is it that you do on a day to day or even in your free time that makes you feel good?

I can use the example for me pertaining to my writing. I started my blog simply because I have always loved to write. I have always loved to read. I love stories. But most importantly I love stories that I can relate to told in a way that makes me feel connected. I didn’t start my blog until 2012 but once I did it, it was for me. To bring about a satisfaction that I didn’t feel anywhere else. Passion fuels Purpose and highlights it on an unmistakable level!

  • Write down a list of actions that can help you attain this goal and set realistic deadlines to accomplish each action.

Once you know what you want to do, you can become overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make it happen. I have been so obsessed with writing lately that it consumes every bit of free time I have. At times you can lose focus and sight of the true purpose and meaning behind the thing you want to accomplish. That’s why it’s important to de-clutter. Trust me! I am the worst at this and I by no means am telling you something that I haven’t had to exercise! We want everything at once when we finally decide what we want to do and that’s not realistic or smart. Stay focused.

  • Have time for a great checks and balances session that you set for yourself or even find a partner that will call and remind you of staying focused and on track.

I’m so blessed because I have five of them! God loves me! There isn’t one friend that I have that doesn’t check in and on me and ensure that I’m on point. Motivating me along the way. Whatever feedback or communication we have about my current status helps me stay focused or refocus depending upon where I am when they check in. Their check in allows me to check in on myself! Self accountability is just as important.

  • Last and most importantly...........Take a personal day!!

When I say personal day this doesn’t necessarily mean take a day off……..but use it to do what you want to do for yourself or to do what gives you pleasure………..JUST TAKE A BREAK. Take a walk, go get a cup of coffee. Do something that keeps you inspired and gets your creative juices flowing. Something that opens your mind to what motivates and drives you to continue pressing towards your goals. It’s a time to reflect and recharge! Whatever that may be never forget to make time to do that. It keeps you sane!

I’m excited about what is to come with this group and all I hope it helps me to see is my true ability to create the life I really want and live the dreams I truly desire to live...............with no fears! It’s not only making sure that you deal with accomplishing your goals but making sure that whatever is standing in your way of doing that is dislodged! Life is short and you only get one shot at it. So live it purposefully and while doing something that makes you happy!

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B

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