Why Being a Multitasker Isn't Something To Brag About

I always say that I am the queen of multitasking but to a certain degree I think that's a false statement!  To be the queen of something you must be super good at it and if I had to be honest, I am only truly good at mastering one portion of Queendom and that is tiring myself out. Since I was a younger girl I've been quite the busy body and never really grasped the concept of rest and relaxation until my body began to scream..........sit down honey, you're doing too much!

Many working women have the same problem I do I'm positive.  I'm a mom on top of everything else (which is the MOST important thing in my life) so it's a double whammy.  I was just as busy before I had him so though motherhood slowed me down, it was only a tad!  As soon as my son was self sufficient I was back at full capacity biting off more than one should chew.  Anyway, I set a million goals for myself and started accomplishing them only to start another list while I'm working on those things!!  Who does that.............add things as they go?!?!  Checking things off the list just made me feel by default that new things should be added and I've been living by that rule for so long it is just a part of who I am as a person.  This time around though, adding things to the list has made me realize key things: I'm older, Wiser, More Accomplished and Most Importantly SLOWER!

The energy you need to put a dent in a "Before I Die I Better" list really depends on your ambition and the realism of the list you created.  I've been around a few years and done a few things so I figured I had a pretty good gauge on what my capabilities were.  I even thought that my ambition had died down just a tad to make things a little more realistic for me.  LIES!  If anything, I've seen what I am capable of and I truly just want to continue to see where I can go with that.  The good thing about getting older and wiser though is that you are able to determine what does and doesn't make sense and come up with ways to make that list of things more realistic for you and your lifestyle.  That way you don't become so overwhelmed that you find a blanket to hide under, turn on Netflix, grab your wine and determine that you don't need to return to the land of normal people until you actually feel like it..........IF EVER!

First things first, you've got to get your PRIORITIES together.  You just can't do everything you ever wanted to do.  I'm so sorry to disappoint you here and now but I felt compelled.  No you can't be a brain surgeon and a chiropractor while painting portraits in Paris and owning a massage parlor.  You just can't!  It's so true that you must identify what is important to you on your list of ambitious ventures.  You can do a lot of those things as long as you place them in order of importance. Whatever may fall off that list probably isn't that important anyway.  Get around to it next lifetime.

Set aside time to get your rest and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  Let me tell you what you can't do without rest..............operate to your full capacity.  It isn't possible.  You will always be giving only a fraction of yourself as long as you are playing on team No Sleep, team One Last Thing and team I Can Do It All Today.  This is something you will never be able to get around.  You burn out faster than you ever would at full capacity and your thoughts are not clear even when you are doing something you are passionately in love with.  I find myself at times collapsing at the end of the day because I'm so over the top exhausted so I'm telling you from the place of an experienced non rester!  Sit Down!

Deal with only what you can deal with.  I'm the biggest over thinking control freak you'd probably ever come across (don't judge me) and I am truly working on that.  There are so many things outside of your control or that really need to be done by other people.  That's okay.  If you need to expand your network and team in order to take things off of yourself, do that!  Find people you trust so you don't have to have your hands in everything.  Partnerships are formed because no one is a super hero no matter what logo is branded on the front of their t-shirt.  That takes so much of the worry and guess work out of what you are doing.  That way you can focus on the key things that you contribute and deal with only what is necessary.  You'll thank me later for that tip because I am thanking myself for the amount of "let go" I've been incorporating into my every day life.

Set boundaries for yourself!  Listen, you can't spend every single second of your free time focused on one thing.  You have to set scheduled time to work on your craft or focus on that one thing you are working to achieve.  So many things in your life will fall by the wayside if you don't listen to what I'm telling you.  I have been sitting in my bed with a cup of coffee in the morning and look up 12 hours later with a glass of wine that I didn't remember pouring, no breakfast or lunch and no phone calls..............because I was so focused I forgot about life.  What I'm learning to do is create the time space in which I will work on something and let it be just that.  I walk way from it as soon as that limit has been reached.  I know it's a hard thing to do for yourself but in all reality it's necessary so that multitasking efficiently is possible!

The last thing I want to share is something I've shared before when I spoke about focus_groups and finding ways to motivate yourself when you hit stumbling blocks in life.  Stop immediately pursuing something that has proven it should no longer be worked on.  It is completely fine to have invested and it not actually be where you should invest.  It is not okay to keep investing when you get validation that investing is a waste of time.  We want things all the time in life that we shouldn't actually want but hey, we are human and it takes the invested time to learn that it's not necessary.  It's okay.  To error is human.  Let it go!  Team LET IT GO IMMEDIATELY.  That is the perfect time to jump to your list, cross it off and start on the next thing.  Don't beat up on yourself either.  Just take the lesson and keep pushing. 

It can be such a huge disappointment and setback when you are a multitasker without a plan and being someone that is excited about wearing multiple hats all the time is not always a good thing. It can unfortunately be counter productive and stop you from making the type of progress you could make if you set realistic expectations for yourself.  What I love about types of blogs is the fact that I can be real in exposing how much I'm screaming these things to myself and sharing because I know there are so many people out there like me who need reminders.  I'm not Miss Know It All but through trial and error I'm sure that I can help savesome of the frustration, anxiety and disappointment often felt when we don't get where we want to be in life within the time constraints we set.  Life is for living and achieving your dreams along the way.......and never forgetting to share lessons and blessings with those around you!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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