How Do We Handle Gift Giving?

When you meet him, you fall for him quickly.  Yáll are spending every moment together and before you know it, a holiday approaches and it is time to give a gift.  You know what he likes because his last eight mall trips you were there.  But you notice that his taste is expensive.  He only wants the best that money can buy.........but yáll only have been dating for three months.  How do you handle it?

I was talking to a close friend of mines the other day about Valentine's day.  She is so much like me I had to put her on mute while we were talking because I had to laugh.  I am a crazy gift giver which is why it takes so much out of me when I'm shopping for special people in my life.  I typically want to get them something I would want instead of maybe thinking of the cute and sentimental things that would represent our relationship so much more than a bracelet from Tiffany's or a cute pair of Donald Pliners.  I think people have the same fear when it comes to buying gifts for me.  When someone has so much, you never feel that what you will do for them is good enough.  It's unfortunate though because people don't realize how something small, that shows you know the person, means more than an expensive gift any day!

Anyway!!  She was feeling such dilemma about the gift she wanted to get for him because to me, it is well above what a first gift should be.  She was feeling it to but after calling me for my opinion (though she already bought it) she was on the fence about returning it or keeping it.  I personally believe we have to have things to look forward to.  When relationships are new things are exciting and interesting and you are overwhelmed with the possibility that it will be that one relationship that catapults you down the aisle.......but you have to give yourself time to determine if that is the case.  When you are giving everything up front, what exactly is there to work for or be excited about later?  It's really very symbolic of how we give ourselves away too fast.......too soon.  Initial excitement and wanting to please someone can get us there.

I'm older now and have had a few relationships under my belt at this point so I shared my views with her.  I really think we should build up to those amazing gifts that knock their socks off and make them feel that we really want their happiness and would spare no expense to ensure it.  When you are starting off, keep it cute and thoughtful.  Make sure it's something that shows you are observant and considerate.  And always remember, even after you've invested a lot of time in someone, that spending more doesn't mean you love them more or are more considerate.  Never put monetary value on your feelings for someone because that will become a very bad situation for you later on.

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B


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