Friendship: When You Reconnect

I have had several friendships end for a multitude of reasons and they weren’t all because of the other individual.  I’m pretty set in my ways with my friends to be honest and when I feel a certain way about something I automatically feel that they should as well (The Lord is still working on me so don’t judge me!!!)  That has caused a lot of conflict.  Being such a strong minded person, I attract strong minded people.  We get into strong confrontation and that leads to strong debates and fall outs! Lol  I love them though because it challenges me to be better for the sake of saving what means so much to me.

The other day I reconnected with an old friend.  We pretty much fell back from one another because we were truly going down different paths.  She was getting married and I was just playing around with this young man who was wasting my time.  That really complicated things to say the least and for years we barely spoke.  I’d run in to her here or there and we’d speak as if nothing happened.  Be elated to see one another!  Because we were.  We both did value the friendship we once had before things in our lives caused us to drift apart.  Fortunately, when we reconnected we were able to speak our truths to one another.

Sometimes when we are who we are and in the space we are in, we aren’t able to truly see other individuals.  We see our small minded version of them and we create our own intentions for them.  We make them what we want them to be and fit them into our box.  Inappropriately might I add.  And that’s what we both did to one another.  We questioned what happened.  At the end of it, we were able to truly see that it took time and growth to respect the bond that never was broken even though the intrusion of time interfered with our connection over the years.  We picked up like we never lost a single second and it was awesome to be able to see just where we had come and just how true our friendship was.

You don’t have to speak to someone every day for them to be a friend to you.  Even after the years that have passed between us, I know she’d have my back if I needed her and vice versa.  It is important for us to realize the need of those we want in our lives.  We want to consistently nurture that relationship so that it continues to grow.  Not everyone will be as lucky as I am to reconnect with people after years who are genuine people.  But instead of taking that risk, give what you have.  What I’ve learned painfully in the last few months is that without question you will regret the time that you lose because you took it for granted.  Be your best you every day so that you never have to experience the loss.

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B


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