If They Are True Friends.......They Push You

It’s so funny the lessons we learn in life and how we learn them. You can never dictate how they will come or who they come through but they come! I had a conversation with two very close people to me today and it’s so weird just how significant people become in your life as you grow and develop. If you live and keep living, you pray God blesses you with the kinds of friendships I’ve been blessed to have. No matter what y’all go through or how hard things may seem, y’all get through it.

One of my closest friends and I had a major falling out. This is not uncommon for me with my friends unfortunately because I have been stubborn and very set in my ways something terrible. Sometimes I see women who have not outgrown that way of dealing with their friends and it annoys me terribly. I have to text and call my friends when I see it just to apologize for all they went through with me. Weathered many storms and still stood by my side. Anyway, she said something that struck a nerve with me because I honestly thought her and I were on the verge of never speaking again. She said that if a friendship is true, no matter who tries to break the relationship up, it won’t work. Including the two of you. We always exchange these types of words from wisdom and experience.

True connections in this life are rare. Being connected to someone that can feel something is wrong in your life even if they are miles and miles away, knows when you need a call or a quick text, knows that you are in a moment where you are so weak that they need to stand in the gap and pray for you. God gave me a few of these ladies luckily and even through our trials, we haven’t been broken and bonded even more strongly than the moments before. We always moved forward, not with the pain, but with the growth that the trial provided us. For that, we continue to grow as more than friends, but family.

You have to appreciate people when God brings them into your life. You have to be willing to take the things that come with them and love them through it if you love them. If you feel they are worth it. No one is perfect and we all are flawed. The good thing about life and living is that the right people will help you through it and you will begin to learn how to weed out the things that blemish your character. There will never be a person on this planet without error because we are all human and to be human is to error. Every person that is currently a part of my life and in my circle have in some way shape or form helped me learn more about myself and become a better me. They are not afraid to make me look in a mirror and own my mistakes. They weren’t afraid to keep telling me in the moments that I wasn’t opening myself to the criticism because they didn’t mind fighting for me. I’m grateful for that because I am so sure I would never have grown in the way that I have without that.

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B

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