Putting Your Pride To The Side

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

One thing I’ve discovered about pride is that it gets in the way. Plain and simple. If you allow it to take control over you, you’ll make poor choices in the areas that it gets in your way. It makes you turn your back on things that really require your full attention creating an insurmountable type of strain in your life. You become less focused on the actual issue because you are set on making a statement that may or may not get your point across. Your judgment becomes clouded and all you can see is error in the other individuals involved instead of seeing the error in yourself and what you may or may not be contributing. It’s dangerous territory to be in because things don’t get accomplished and often times can become worse than how they started. Things tend to get overlooked and relationships become damaged possibly beyond repair. Can you look in the mirror and be comfortable with choices you make with pride on your chest?

I’ve been in several situations where I just felt it was impossible to back down. It was almost like I’d be physically hurt if I “gave in” to the situation I was dealing with. It didn’t matter if I was wrong or not, I can wait it out because I’m stubborn like that. Waiting to see the move the next person was going to make. Let me be the first to say that it never works out in my favor. The amount of energy I put into taking a stand only drove wedges between me and those individuals I was dealing with. It showed them that I wasn’t willing to do what it took to make it work because I was more inclined to show them I didn’t really care at all. I can’t say that I don’t still have that problem to a certain degree because I’m an analytical person and I like to watch people and how they respond. But I will say that I understand which situations require it and which ones don’t. Knowing that difference is important. As long as you are growing that’s the important part.

We will always make mistakes and that’s fine. No matter what though, you have to be willing to step away from leading with pride. It isn’t of a benefit to you, whom or what you are dealing with to allow it stop your growth and maturation process. And it’s important to understand just how much pride stunts your growth. It’s a growth killer because you aren’t learning anything by digging your heels in and deciding that facing your issues like a mature adult isn’t worth it. You will always repeat your mistakes with this attitude and those around you will decide that dealing with you on any level is no longer worth it. That’s a lonely world to live in when others don’t want to face you because you are too afraid to face yourself. Pride stops you from taking ownership of your own stuff. Your baggage. Your drama. Your insecurities. Your flaws and faults. Be better and smarter than that because life is all about learning opportunities. Don’t short change yourself!

Until Next Time Lovies!!
Miss B

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