The Authenticity of Love

So I'm on Facebook and I see a video of Steph Curry and his wife talking about their relationship. Cute clips of different things they've said or moments that were captured between them by others around them. Someone posted it and put the caption "seems genuine" under the post. I laughed because if that's nothing else, that's the first sign of someone who is jealous because they don't have it. Critiquing someone else's love because they don't know love like it or haven't held out to know it. Go figure.

 Why does black love look questionable or need to be questioned by anyone is a bit beyond me ....... to a certain degree. You get out here and date with no purpose, sleep with any and everything walking, meet someone you love and see yourself with but never give up your hoe-ish ways.  They stay but y'all fight often because trust has fled the scene.  Then you are miserable and mad because they don't trust you and happiness is out the proverbial window. At that point, you opening yourself up to a bad relationship without knowing how good it could have been if behaviors would have been different. You've successfully cheated yourself! Pat yourself on the back!

Because of this vicious cycle that I have described, we are all finding ourselves, too often, uncertain about the authenticity of people who truly are in love. Wondering what is really going on with them when they seem too happy.  That's not their problem at all. From a woman's point of view, which is my only if I may say so, you've got to be honest where you stand when you start dating out here in these streets men. If you are not down for commitment, don't pretend to be. If you want something real, don't pretend you don't. Stop looking for what you already have and thinking you are missing out on something because you know that you've met your one. There is nothing wrong with that. How about looking at it from a lucky point of view?  Not many people meet someone they can see themselves spending the rest of their lives with and still wanting to do that after being with them for a while.

 Too many of you are out here have adopted the idea that monogamy is not natural. Some fool you hang out with said it so much that you believe it. Either that or you’ve been meeting people who don't mind being side pieces. That's hilarious to me. This day in age, the side chick is on a pedestal and she KNOWS her place. She's kept. The media and internet come for the main woman as if she is wrong for being who she is. As if it's her fault that she is being lied to, cheated on and taken advantage of while her man continues to sow his royal oats. Chile bye!!!! These are just a few reasons why real love no longer makes sense to the world. It's being dodged and stepped on by people too selfish to cherish and appreciate it.

 The moral of all of this is stay single if you want to be single and get involved only when you truly want to get involved. It allows for clear perspective on matters of the heart. You aren't foggy or unclear about true and meaningful love if you aren't out here playing games with hearts and minds. It takes maturity and focus to have what Steph and Ayesha have. It takes commitment and sacrifice. What they show everyone is that no matter who you are, what you have, where you live, or what you do, you can have that authentic love. It is very much so real and possible.

 Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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