The Significance of Friendships: How Important Are They?

Let me just start by saying I completely missed the blog over the last three days.  I took a small break because I was due for it!  But in all seriousness when you love something it never feels like work.  The whole time I was taking this break I was pulling inspiration from every source imaginable!  That’s what you do when you blog.  Everything is up for discussion!

Anyway, I was hanging out with a girlfriend that I’ve only been cool with for about two and a half years now. I don’t see or speak to her much because she lives a few states away.   When I met her we just clicked though so we cultivate when we can.  I’m pretty friendly to be honest………….no matter how much I claim to be introverted.  It’s lies.  I can talk to just about anyone and that is definitely something I got from my Daddy.  He was the sweetest person to people he didn’t know and his friends.  But needless to say, her and I………..our personalities go really well together.

Building relationships with people allows you to start learning things about them and things that are and aren’t important in their world.  Despite the small amount of time we’ve known each other, I know for a fact if I said I needed her she would be there and vice versa.  No matter how friendly I am or how easy I find it to talk to people, you don’t meet people like that every day.  Just a nice, sweet, honest, genuine person.

With all the talking her and I did over the weekend, one thing that she mentioned to me that struck up the reason for this blog was friendships that her and I both have had over the years.  I’ve always had a best friend.  Since I can remember…….starting with my cousin Jen (my very first best friend in the world).  Some of those best friends and I have gone our separate ways and never reconnected and that’s fine.  People grow apart.  But I’ve never had a situation where I didn’t have amazingly dependable friends.  She was saying that she does have a “best friend” to a certain degree but it isn’t comparable to what I have and it doesn’t bother her.  I find it interesting but it just goes to show how life and experiences really do dictate perspective because if she had my friends I don’t think she’d say that.

Right now I have a core set of friends who aren’t just my friends.  These ladies are my sisters.  The good, bad and ugly are all things that they have weathered in life with me and vice versa.  I lost my dad this past year and as I was walking out of the church, every single one of them were standing there looking at me.  Even typing it brings tears to my eyes because it always amazes me to have friends in my life who love me like that and that I love like that in return.  Communicating with her just let me know that everyone doesn’t have it and how blessed you are when you do.

So I asked myself in that conversation, do you long for it if you see others with it?  Do you lust after those types of friendships if they don’t exist in your life?  Why isn’t it completely common to have a set of friends that you are truly FRIENDS with?  No jealousy, no envy, no backstabbing, no foolishness………..just total love and support.  Do we live in a world of people who no longer value what people can truly mean to one another when there is nothing but genuine love and concern for the person in your life?  No matter what your responses are to those questions, it really is a good set of questions that we all should evaluate in our own personal lives. 

Millions of people are on this planet because we need people.  I never felt that God wanted us to be alone because the moment there was loneliness, He created a companion.  Friendships I am learning are definitely not the normal (absolutely sad to me).  Definitely not the kind that I have with my girls.  As sad as I find it because of how great friendships have been for me, I realize that everyone may not experience it.  So I would say that even if you don’t have a best friend or someone in your life that has your back like that, you should open yourself up a little more.  Don’t close off.  Be a good judge of character because everyone isn’t sincere I know but you are missing out if you aren’t experiencing life with a great group of people who are rooting for you and supporting you.


Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B


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