Celebrities: How Much Influence Do They Have

I believe in role models.  Especially because we live in a world where so many children are looking up to people outside of their homes.  Talking to a friend today and being a parent myself, I realize that kids can have the best of everything but they still may look to immolate something else they see.  I don’t think it’s a terrible thing because I know I may not always be doing everything right or making the best choices when my child is looking.  If he is looking at other positive examples, I’m perfectly fine with that.  Nevertheless I do my best because I know he’s watching and I know who I am as a human being will impact his life in some way shape or form.

When we were speaking earlier we were talking about the Kim Kardashians, Rhiannas, Amber Roses, and Nicki Minajs of the world (just to name a few).  They have so much influence over young people today and I’m not sure just how much they know it.  I’m not even sure they are concerned at all about it.  I will always say that I understand these celebrities aren’t signing up to be role models but I feel that they should be more understanding on the pull they have over the younger generation and just how much they are watching their every move.

I was telling her how I felt about the way that Rhianna had smoked marijuana on her social media and how that without question turned me off in how I viewed her.  I’m not high and mighty because I live life as well………….don’t misinterpret my concern.  What I will say is that if you know most of your followers are young people, why would that be something you would want to do?  No one is asking her not to smoke.  It’s her prerogative.  All I’m saying is to wild out off camera.  95% of these young people watching her won’t end up being a celebrity and making her money and having the option to live the life she does.  To error is human but at the very least give these kids the positive things and not so many of the not so positive things.

She posed a good question in the conversation too.  She asked me if these ladies should stop living their lives just because other people aren’t raising their children.  And I do feel it’s a valid question to ask because again, I realize that they aren’t signing up to have anyone’s children look up to them.  The reality of the situation though is that they do.  They chase their dream and they want the life but everyone knows that, “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required”.  Whether you are religious or not, a point has to be made that you are on a platform.  You are wealthy because groups of people are supporting you.  You have a certain responsibility to them because of it.  You have to be willing to understand that the platform you have mounted insists that you make better decisions in front of the world.  Not so that they won’t know you make mistakes, but so that they know you understand the influence that you have upon them.  Why would anyone not want to use that in a positive light?

Another thing I don’t quite get with these celebrities is how they modify their bodies.  Nip, Tuck and Inflate as soon as they get a little money!  Young girls are having a huge problem with self-worth and value these days.  Thinking that who they are and what they are is all defined by how they look, how they dress, how many men are looking at them and whatever else becomes valuable to them in the moment.  TVs and magazines are giving them the world’s perception of beauty and so much identity is being lost in the process because even the Media’s definition of beauty is modified.  Their hair isn’t good enough, their behinds aren’t big enough, their breasts don’t sit high enough, their faces shouldn’t go without makeup, and their skirts aren’t tight or short enough.  At what point do they see that they should value themselves for themselves and take everything they already have as an asset?  I know that as human beings we would take a big eraser to some things about ourselves…………………..but when does it become just a little bit ridiculous? 
I know that we can never make these individuals who live in the spotlight take full responsibility for how much influence they truly have.  In a perfect world things would be different and all parents would be fully involved in their kids’ lives ……………being the primary force of molding their young people into whom they will become.  But we don’t exist in that world and I have seen even with my own child that the world still has sway even when you try your hardest.  What I do hope is that they realize that pretending their hold over these kids doesn’t exist isn’t realistic and doesn’t make them less responsible to them.  Their actions on screen can change the whole perception of a child who wants to be just like them.  I get that everyone won’t walk toe to line but I hope that more people will begin to hold themselves accountable or at the very least someone in their lives will step up if they are misguided.  People are probably buying in to being this person on tv because it’s what is selling but we’ve got to start redirecting all we touch so they understand that it is just entertainment.

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B


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