Faith: Jumping On Personal Opinions

Listen, I’m not going to rant and rave on this post but I am going to state my opinion whether people like it or not.  Twice today I heard about this story and it compelled me to speak out about how I feel regarding it.  We live in a world where we say the wrong thing to offend a group of people and we are ostracized and humiliated because it doesn’t line up with the way that group of people thinks.  It’s completely wrong and I don’t think that anyone has a right to make someone else feel bad for differing in their opinion.  We are human.  It’s what we do.  Everyone has their own personal opinion and that is just fine!

Let me first start by saying I am a Christian woman.  Raised in a Baptist church and later joining an AME church.  In both churches we read from the same exact Bible.  As I have grown, this is the Bible I have given my own child and the Bible I still read today.  The values and morals taught to me through these years and ones I have taken on as key pillars in the life that I live are ones that I don’t waiver on no matter what is said or done in the world around me.  I’m not perfect and have sinned in my life.  Lived with a man before I was married, had a child out of wedlock, lied, back bit, stole a few packs of gum, cheated a few times……………..the list goes on and on.  I say those things because I want it to be clear that I’m not a perfect human so I don’t expect anyone in my life to be either.  HOWEVER, that Bible is guidance for me so that when I do make mistakes, I have a reference point in how to go about getting back on the straight and narrow.  Always has been, always will be.

Now getting down to the nitty gritty………………Kim Burrell.  This woman is a Christian woman.  A woman of faith.  One raised in the church, taught Christian values and is now sharing those values with others.  As a Pastor it is a given that she would speak out about homosexuality because she was taught just like the rest of us that it is not of God.  Quite a few verses in the Bible reference it and as a Pastor she is doing her duty of teaching that word.  As she speaks out about it, she becomes black listed.  Livelihood put in jeopardy because she is not siding with the LGBT community.  It’s amazing to me because this group is always ready to attack as soon as someone doesn’t see things their way.  That’s exactly what they did to this woman.  They have changed her life for speaking into the universe what she truly believes in her heart as a woman of God.  Now let me be clear………… is everything.  We should never get on a high horse and make anyone feel less than because we don’t agree with something they do, say or subscribe to.  But we should NEVER be torn down because we don’t agree.  Most if not all members of the LGBT community are aware of what the Bible says and it baffles me that they are so hell bent on making everyone accept their way of life that they want to change this Bible to fit the needs of their lifestyle.  They are doing this to make their lifestyle more  appropriate for everyone else around them.  It’s not right nor is it fair.  This is faith we are talking about.  This is God.

Now I’m a firm believer that you have to answer for your own sin.  Just as you have to stand in front of God for what you do I have to do the same.  I stick by that.  And there are plenty of things, like I stated earlier, that I have done that do not line up with the word.  But I am still a woman of faith and I do my best to correct my wrongs as I live so that I am doing more of what I believe……………more of what lines up with my faith.  We all should be.  In church they aren’t just talking about a homosexual lifestyle.  They are always checking me on the stuff I’m doing wrong so this is no different.   That means that I can’t ridicule or persecute you because you aren’t “living” a certain way because I’m still working on me.  But you don’t get to beat me up for not agreeing and you don’t get to shun me into a dark corner because it insults you for me to feel differently than you do.  The LGBT community needs to stop bullying the rest of the world and yes that is what they are doing.  Live your life the way you choose but don’t stuff it, force it, beat it or push it down the throats of those around you just so you can be comfortable in your skin.  Respect the people around you just like you want them to respect you.  PERIOD!  If we did more of that the world would be a much better place.

As a Christian I realize something very significant about being faithful.  You cannot pick God apart and only accept certain parts of what is being taught.  It doesn’t work like that.  You decide to be a Christian…………..that’s that.  It doesn’t mean you will ever be perfect or follow everything to a T.  It only means that you will try and that is all that anyone can ask.  That woman spoke her truth and there is no reason on earth that people have jumped her like they have.  If her delivery was harsh that’s one thing and someone could have pulled that sista into a corner to say look sweetness…………….that wasn’t the nicest.  Let’s work on how the message is delivered.  But she should never have to apologize for her faith in God, what she believes, was taught and is teaching other Christians to believe based on the Bible we were given.  And let me tell you, when she’s telling us about our sins of fornication, lying, cheating and stealing, no one is cancelling shows and uninviting her for talk show appearances……………why is that?  That’s what people should be ashamed of.  That the world has gotten so sensitive that people are no longer able to speak what is in their heart without having their lives changed and being completely humiliated by whatever means people see fit. 

All I can say is just live your own life and your own truth and stop trying to make your truth everyone else’s.  Everyone isn’t going to agree with you all the time and that is okay.  The billions of people who occupy the earth……………… wouldn’t happen anyway.  We live different lives and we experience these lives in different ways.  Learn to respect that.  That’s where we need to start.

Until Next Time Lovies

Miss B

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