Goals: Don't Stand In Your Own Way

I have heard some people say when we converse about life and goals that they are hesitant or have reservations about starting goal implementation.  That’s one thing I’ve never had issues with because I’m like hey, I want to do it, so I’m gonna do it.  Yeah of course along the away you experience some anxiety or some discouragement because things may or may not be completely working out in your favor, but there is no real reason not to start at all or come up with reasons why it’s not the right time.

Life is about dreaming big.  You are only going to get out of it what you put in.  Like anything else.  If you aren’t making moves towards goal completion, then what are you doing here on earth?!?!?!  IJS………at some point in life whatever fears you have about moving forward and actually challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone have to be discarded.  There is no room for those in the space of the years we have on this planet.  I think I’m starting to feel more like you only live once.  Why not live it up?  Why not take the bull by the horns and ride until you fall off?  You probably don’t have a good answer for that and that likely means you are realizing as you read that there isn’t one.

If you are anything like me you have a million different visions.  Not just a few simple things either.  A whole lot of complex things that begin to consume your life because you’re trying to accomplish all 642 of them simultaneously.  You start them and things look good but you are bouncing around between them!  Sometimes you can even feel like a failure because nothing seems to be completed and working out the way you planned.  That’s when you start realizing that no matter how ambitious you are, you aren’t really getting anything of quality done because 642 goals can’t get 100% of your attention or even 60%.

There are so many things that can stop you from wanting to start something new in your life.  Being EXTRA ambitious is one (speaking for me) Overly ambitious people tend to take on too much, running themselves into the ground and needing to grab random naps during odd times of the day since they aren’t really sleeping well at night.  The brain is in full swing and unable to shut down while the body is screaming…………..LEAVE ME ALONE!  I NEED TO HIBERNATE!  I can honestly admit that I sometimes becomes tangent in moving on things in life because I know how chaotic things can be for me.  I likely have some other stuff not closed out completely so I’m everywhere………….and that is completely unproductive.

Without regurgitating my previous blog on focus groups, I think it’s truly important to list your priorities.  You have to know what out of that ridiculous list you create while you are living, what is most important to you.  In whatever way you need to write it down just do it.  It helps you de-scramble the thoughts floating through your head and allows you an opportunity to focus on just a few things that matter the most. 

Sometimes we become overwhelmed because we are so instant these days.  We want everything done now and everything that we want to accomplish we don’t want to wait for it.  I am absolutely guilty.  I have the patience God gave a turnip.  So I’m a work in progress.  I have had so many projects started and unfinished it’s ridiculous.  Because of that I am working hard this year at really sticking to the goals that are realistic for me.  What is giving me the most life fulfillment?  What keeps me happy when I’m doing it that doesn’t make me feel like I’m actually checking things off of a to-do list accomplishing?  What makes me feel that I’m operating in my purpose?  I find it brings some clarity to things when I put things in perspective like that and as you are continuing to accomplish………….you are completely motivated.

Lastly, one thing I want to say to everyone that I constantly am saying to myself regarding accomplishing goals is: when you see things not working out the way you plan, switch things up.  You don’t want to continue down a path that continues to take you nowhere.  The problem you run in to with that is you are wasting time you could be giving to something more productive OR something else on your list that may be a better fit for you.  Sometimes we beat these dead horses into the ground and it can lead to frustration and in-completion of other things in our lives.  It can become blockers in the progression of other things.  That’s not what you need.  Be sure to identify it when it happens to you.   Time is a precious commodity!

So Lovies, all of that to just tell you not to be overwhelmed or hesitant to move forward on what matters most to you.  You have no idea what doors can open or what ways can be made for you by just moving forward on something that is on your heart.  You won’t get everything right but you have to at least leave the finish line once you’ve identified what gives you some type of enjoyment.  Keep checking that paper you have scratched down your notes on with those reasons reminding yourself why you are doing it and objectives to how.  Everything is possible and it’s never too late to start.  I live by that motto!

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B


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