Men And Women: The Blurred Lines

Men And Women: The Blurred Lines

There is a wave of phenomena around men wearing rompers these days. I have my own opinion about it but my inquisition into the matter was heightened when I started talking to my best friend about it. She always tends to bring out questions I don't think of asking or didn't know I had until she said it. We joked about the romper for a few days but then she called and asked me this....."Do we emasculate men so much to the point that they feel they NEED to come after what we have?" Hmmmmmmm I know a bunch of people will be offended by that but think about it.

So this brings up the question of what it means to be masculine.  What does it mean to be a manly man?  How does that really look because at present, a manly man is what most of us old schoolers equate, in part, to one who wouldn’t indulge in this new normal of dress.  Did we as women play a role in why men are being stripped of the older definition of masculinity and having a new way defined for them?  Women have changed the game over time and roles have been switched in some instances.  We are doing things just as well if not better than they are in many areas that we weren't before!  I get that completely.  But does that have to affect the way that the world as a whole view men………….how women view men……….how men view themselves? 

Answering some of these for myself I’d say it’s likely.  The “acceptance” of how things are evolving in the fashion industry is just the beginning of how things are filtering down into culture and man’s state of being.  These days men's clothing is becoming more and more "feminine" if I can say so myself. From skinny jeans to floral patterns, nothing is off limits for designers to try. But there are some draw backs to making everything acceptable for everyone and not having an actual line that shouldn't be crossed when coming up with fashionable ideas. It makes me wonder how anyone can truly look at a man as a man if he is wearing the same clothes. You are in the same closet getting ideas for what to wear for date night and I don’t feel quite comfortable with that…………but should I?  Why is it becoming very comfortable to blur the lines and make things so “unisex”? That can’t be the road we want to travel down for equality’s sake.

Everything is so touchy this day and age.  Everyone is so sensitive about everyone’s opinions.  You get beat up, persecuted and cut down yourself for not agreeing with what someone else says or what someone else feels is appropriate and I don’t quite get that.  Why is it not okay to differ in opinion in a world where billions of other people live with their differences in opinions?  Help me!!!  I remember one time a guy posted a picture of himself online and asked the opinion of his followers.  He had a phenomenal body and his clothes displayed it because they were so tight they left nothing to the imagination.  I said, because he asked, that I thought it looked a bit ridiculous.  His response to me was that I was miserable.  So am I really miserable because I don’t agree with a man wearing clothes that look painted on and deemed fashionable to God knows who?

Why do men want to look like women?  Why do men want their clothes to look like something a woman would wear and yet not have her look at him as unattractive because he seems what she considers feminine due to his style?  Why is it that when a man adopts “women’s fashion” as his own, he’s offended that a woman finds little masculinity in him?  Why is it that the world at large is accepting of it and steering men’s fashion down that road?  Are we to be persecuted as women for disagreeing and why on earth would we not want to keep fashion separate?  Yes, fashion is what you make it and I understand that, but we are blurring too many lines with so many things when it comes to the differences in men and women.

To my understanding, women’s fashion was adopted by men who felt like women or wanted to be women.  Any time a man saw another man in those types of clothes, they considered him gay and made fun of him in some way (that I do not condone).  As time has gone on, mainstream media has begun to shift the way men are represented.  Penetrating the minds of everyone that it is now OK to dress this way…………….. men have begun to follow suit making the younger generation agree and consider the boundaries less and less.  So because mainstream has cosigned on to the idea that this type of dress is cool and is not associated with masculinity or femininity, does that change the idea that men and women dressing alike is acceptable and no lines should be drawn between the two?

Deeper Thought:  Does it help to make the world more accepting of homosexuality by providing this united from fashion wise? (this is outside the box thinking that should make you think as well)

The reality is, there are differences between the sexes and there will never be any “RULE” that someone can come up with that would change that fact.  We will never be the same no matter how much someone pushes down the throats of the world that there should be no differences or lines that can’t be crossed.  Everything can’t be acceptable and made full gospel to please the few that need validation.  Isn’t that what it is?  People not quite comfortable enough in their skin to live in their truth so they get offended when someone else isn’t in line with their thought process?  Correct me if I’m wrong.  I don’t mind being wrong.  But insecure people are the ones that yell the loudest about their opinion and feel the most hurt because people don’t agree with it. 

So this is my thing, wear what you want and do what you want, but you can’t get in your feelings because everyone isn’t on board with the way you do things.  Skinny jeans, florals, dresses, tight fitted shirts…………’s not the fashion that you may feel it is in the eyes of every person you encounter.  And if it is fashionable to you, you should really ask yourself why that is.  If you generally feel comfortable with yourself and your choices, stop catching feelings when others don’t.  Me personally, I will never think it’s sexy that any man wants to wear skinny jeans.  But if you want to pull and tug for comfort all day, do it.  Live your life!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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