Review of Reality Show Black Love

My best friend pleaded with me to watch this show on FYI called Black Love.  The title alone had me uninterested because this day in age, everyone knows everything about love and relationships.  They want you to follow their advice and I am not down with that.  I just feel like though there are some really standard ways that can be applied to Life, Love and Dating, it’s not a one size fits all and what works for one may not necessarily work for someone else. 

Anyway, I broke down!  I certainly broke down…………..and was thrilled that I did.  It is a reality show but the first thing I loved is that it wasn’t ratchet!  It is honestly five beautiful and successful black women trying to truly find themselves and what will work better for them as they search out and seek lasting love.  No fighting, no foolishness…………..getting along.  Not hating on one another or anything of the sort.  Just truly supporting one another and connecting.  This is a true example of how black women can get along and be in the same room without throwing a drink in the other person’s face.  I believe Mona Scott should be trying to learn a thing or two here.

Something else I really like is the fact that the struggles they have are real.  Whether something they experienced in their past with family, relationships, issues with themselves, self-image and love, you can relate to at least one of them.  It’s unscripted.  They are dealing with these issues and they are definitely growing through them in front of us.  The transparency is respectable.  Anything this real is bound to allow people the opportunity to be transparent with themselves and connect. 

What I hope people will learn watching this show is that it is okay to be open.  I know for myself that’s what I’m working on.  Everything doesn’t have to be one way and you don’t have to live your life inside a bubble of complacency and structure.  Life and situations change too much for us to be so set in a way that we won’t make the necessary adjustments to receive what is best for us.  I’ve been learning through the five ladies processes to just live.  Be careful what I say to myself about things that stump my growth and just being real about what is and isn’t good for me.  Love is complicated and you don’t always make the right decisions when you are leading with your heart.  I know some may not necessarily agree with that but love clouds your judgment due to its power.

Either way, now that I’ve watched I’m hooked!  Jae, Monet, Laree, Tennesha and Cynthia are all at different stages in the dating process so there is definitely something here for every woman!  Commitment, Intimacy, Starting Again, Having Children, Marriage, Trust………………’s all there.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

 Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B


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