Soap-Box Chronicles: Off Comments From Amber Rose

Okay so wait……………..I was listening to The Read on soundcloud  ( yesterday (which I love by the way because Kid Fury and Crissle are hilarious) and they were talking about Amber Rose.  Now I don’t pay attention to people like her and Kim K because if nothing else, they want that.  People in her “field” are still posing naked with two kids and a husband for God’s sake (KIM K!)!  They want to be overly sexed and have everyone look at them because of it.  I’m sorry.  I’m unable to do so.  Anyway, I decided to wander over to to see what the news was and they too had a journalist write about it.  I couldn’t hold my tongue after that because I’m completely confused at the point this young lady is trying to make.

Every time I see her she is naked.  She’s got on something tight or revealing with her behind and breasts hanging out.  Every picture is sex.  I say all the time DO YOU.  Do what makes you comfortable.  If that’s being naked DO THAT!  No one is saying a word to you unless asked……………..and clearly you want to know.  You go on Rev Run and Tyrese’s show and bring up Bey and compare how she carries herself to the way you carry yourself and I’m confused about that.  We are talking about two different categories.  And yes………….some are more defensive because it’s Beyonce but let’s be real.  Beyonce gets by on her TALENT and not her BODY. 

People like Bey were relevant before we started seeing them in leotards dancing around on stage giving us sex appeal.  Even Janet sold sex.  When I see Bey even when she is scantily clad, I see an empowered woman that is not afraid to say she’s feminine, she’s sexy, she’s fierce, she knows who she is and she is okay with the skin she is in.  When I see an Amber Rose or a Kim K, I see someone who is screaming loudly for attention, has no talent, wants to get by on their body and be known because of how they carry themselves.  Whose fault is that that you made that choice?  You can never compare these two types of sexy.  It isn’t even possible!

I know a lot of people will not agree with me and that is fine.  Opinions are like………’s completely fine to have one.  I just feel like, at the end of the day, if you want longevity in the business, find relevancy in something other than your looks.  You are not only taking away from people being concerned for or caring about your personality, but you are diminishing what sexy really is.  Live your life the way you choose.  Just don’t get angry or start putting your name in conversations with people who you can’t compare with.  People who blow up from being overly sexed won’t ever last as long as someone who is a pop super star.  Two different things.

Off my soap-box!!!

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B



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