Through Our Eyes

I want to start the New Year off by speaking on something that has really touched my heart over the last week or so and affected my family in a big way.  It pertains to self-image and how we see ourselves through our eyes.  We have the most critical eye when we see ourselves and no matter what others say about us, what we see is what we hold on to the hardest.  We are our biggest critics and no matter how perfect of an image we feel someone may have, there will always be something they may feel needs to be changed about themselves.

I never understood why it was so hard for human beings to accept themselves for who they were even though I am one of those humans.  NO matter the imperfections or flaws, just completely loving themselves for everything they had to offer themselves and the world.  I would look at some of the most beautiful people, aesthetically pleasing in my eye, and have a hard time understanding why they still wanted to do something different to their face or lose an extra ten pounds or erase the mark on their stomach or take away their freckles.  It always baffled me because I would look at them and say to myself that they were the complete picture of beauty and there was no reason on earth I would want to change myself if that’s what I looked like.  What I have realized over time is that it will never matter how close to perfect you may be in someone else’s eyes, there will always be something to you that you’d want to change about yourself.

I can sit here and name five things right now I’d change about myself if God gave me an eraser and the truth is, some of those things, my friends would shake their heads at me for and say I’m crazy.  That’s because I see something deeper than what they see and what I expect of myself is always greater than anyone else and their expectation.  I don’t think we can ever change that because confidence in yourself goes so much deeper than the externals.  It is something within yourself that allows you to not only identify it but accept it and love it because you know it’s who you are and what you have to offer.  I know there are things like weight and style that are easy to work on but even then some people don’t want to take the time out to do the work.  They want to snap right to the unrealistic and have surgeries and things like that. They want drastic fixes that they know may be harmful or even cause death.  It’s a shame because these same people show the world that it is acceptable to quickly change your body instead of changing your perspective, outlook or idea. 

We forget sometimes that God has made us just the way He saw fit for us to be.  I know we will look around at the billions of people on this planet and we will always see something that would be nice to have.  I can get online and find a thousand girls who have something I feel that I don’t.  But what I’ve learned is that who I am is just as beautiful as anyone else and the small things that I can change, I have control over that.  I can control my self-esteem and how I view myself because through my eyes I have to be beautiful to me before I can be to anyone else.  I have to love myself before I can love anyone else or they can love me.  I have to see what God sees when He looks at me so what happens through His eyes is what happens through mines as well.  It would help us be more supportive of one another and ourselves.  True happiness comes with self-acceptance and that’s the place we should all pray to get to moving forward if we aren’t already there. 

Until Next Time Lovies!!

Miss B