What Defines The Angry Black Woman?

What constitutes An Angry Black Woman?   Is it her attitude?  Her independence?  Standing up for herself?  Speaking out for herself?  I’d like to have a few people answer that question for me.  And not just Black people but everyone that has a perception of or interaction with one of these types of women.  I have a problem with the term so I’m looking for clear ways to distinguish what makes a woman who is Black, angry.  Just tell me a little bit about how you think she got there and what in her walk or air gives you the idea that it’s anger.  Where do you think it came from and after all of those explanations and evaluations are given…………………..tell me why you don’t think she has a right to this so called Anger you feel she permeates. 

Me and my best friend always talk about this concept because we have encountered quite a few people who agree that we are angry.  They avoid us like the plague, date other races, talk about our attitudes, turn their noses up at us and judge us………………and all of those things are excuses in my opinion to do exactly what it is that they really want to do.  We are scapegoated because it’s easier than taking responsibility for whatever anger lies beneath the eyes of a Black Woman.  Because let’s be clear, no one is just upset about things.  Any one person in their right mind would be upset about how they are treated, abused, lied to, overlooked, neglected, used, misrepresented, walked on, talked about and appropriated.  Who else is more of these things on this planet than the Black Woman?

For years we have been misinterpreted and even still today we are being done the same way.  We are forced to be these independent women who take care of everything around them because no one else is willing to step up in the midst of all of that work to be responsible for their part.  I won’t be hard on my brothas (not today) because the reality is, there are many who are on top of their game.  However, many are not.  We have to go out and get the education and the jobs and the homes with no help and deal with the consequences of that because we are almost destined for a life of solitude after we get everything we have no choice but to get.  Why?  Because we become intimidating to a man who has either yet to achieve those things or has it and wants someone who has less………………….to make him feel like a man.  I’m sorry but I’m not capable of that and don’t have too many of my sister girl friends who are either.

I am not going to come for anyone and that is not my intent.  My intent is to find out why Black Women are angry in the eyes of those who behold them.  Is she not entitled to be responsive to the treatment she gets in life?  If she has been overlooked at work or looked down by her fellow sistas or mistreated by the men who come in contact with her…………if the only person she has ever been able to trust is herself and what God put into her……………..isn’t she entitled to have a slight guard to her heart?  Isn’t she entitled to feel a certain sense of survival in the life she lives?  Who is working to change her environment and make her a little softer?  Who is willing to do the work for HER so those who judge her know her true story?  Do they truly care about learning her TRUE STORY and where these guards come from?  Have they inquired?  Determined to KNOW her in depth?  Dissect and get to the other side of what may not be anger at all?  Seems no one wants to be patient enough to determine WHO she is and WHY she is.  As she is blamed for the person she has become because of the life she has lived.  All while blaming herself for being that person and not feeling worthy of a person because they never make her feel she's worth the sacrifice.  Ain't that a blip?

So leave her high and dry right?  Out in the world alone because after you damage her there is no time to repair her.  There is no time to undo the damage that was done to her heart or concern in repairing her shattered dreams.  This is not anger people.  This is life and the consequences thereof.  There are beautiful people underneath these women that are judged.  Caring and giving people that will never show you a love you have ever experienced but one much deeper.  One who will hold you completely down without judgment no matter what it is you need from them.  One who will be a partner in a world full of people who have their back to you.  This mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee, entrepreneur………………this selfless woman who appears fearless in the face of others because of the praying she is doing behind closed doors.  She is judged incorrectly.  That is not anger you see.  That is a woman with little options and a road to walk that is unknown to everyone else but her.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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