With Age Doesn't Come Maturity

I have a confession: I have allowed something completely insignificant to my life to affect the way I have handled some things.  I was caught up in my feelings about the situation and couldn't figure out how to resolve it within myself.  What I don't like are unanswered questions, unfixed problems, situations that don't seem to have a decent resolution that I feel is sufficient.  It has plagued me for a minute now and I have struggled with letting it go because there was never TRULY real truth in any of it.  Just a bunch of this and that.  I'm not built for things like that so I'm always tested with situations that cause me to be resolute for myself.  The struggle.


They decide they want to get some things off their chest so they make a bold decision.  They want to be on their get back because they had their feelings played with and compromised.  I guess it was like this because someone that was trusted to the utmost manipulated them beyond comprehension and they became vulnerable and angry.  They decide to be malicious in their intent so that they can affect the life of the person that wronged them.  In their process they don't consider how their actions only show their insecurities, selfishness and lack of forethought.  They put their actions under the guise of being convicted in their spirit to speak their truth.  To get things out in the open so they can move on with their lives........Don't you hate when people pretend that God is the reason they did something juvenile and disrespectful?


I have some news I’d like to share and I think it’s pretty useful for people who behave in this way......so take heed.  Everything you “think” you are led to do is not really what you are being LED to do.  Everything you think is for public consumption because you are in your feelings is not for distribution.  You reveal your hand and the lack of maturity you truly possess by doing what you feel so compelled to do, exposing the childishness within you.  You should really consider what you let go of and what you hold on to and stop bringing all your foolishness to someone else’s doorstep.  You are never winning by being vindictive.

I notice that people who yell the loudest have the least amount of effective things to say.  They are only yelling because they want to truly believe themselves that they have arrived at a new level of growth in their lives.  It’s not real.  The loud talk is a smoke screen that masks the real truth about who and what they are.  It’s a phoniness so authentic it could never be faked.  Those are the ones who get on social media and tell you how well they are doing, how much they are growing, how much they are living and how much others are not allowed to interrupt their vibe.  That’s when you ask………………….what vibe honey?

I’m one that doesn’t have to take a lot of words to make you think about yourself.  I learned from the best.  Even makes me seem a little cold and disconnected sometimes regrettably.  Those ladies who raised me are probably the best in the game.  Nice Nasty ain’t got nothing on the Brown family! Let’s be perfectly clear on that!  But it gets to a point where words mean nothing and listening means everything.  I take the time to listen to what people have to say and I don’t often expose my hand when they are rambling.  What’s the point right?  They are giving away all their goods so what do you need to do?  They are doing all the work for you and they probably don’t even know it.

Over the years I have grown a lot.  I could have probably gone from 0 to 260 in 8 milliseconds when I was younger.  People never realize how much I have calmed down  because life is too short for anything else.  I am a better person now than I once was and every day I get better.  I’m like anyone else though…………….back me in to a corner, hurt me in any way or betray my trust and I am like no one you have ever known.  Nice disintegrates before yours eyes into something very opposite from it and you can use whatever adjective you like for the antonym .  The more I look at life and the things that I have been through,  the more I realize just how unnecessary it is to allow insignificant things and people to get you to that place.   Why let them take you to a place that YOU have to calm YOURSELF out of?  Why allow them to be worth that much?  I can guarantee you they aren’t losing any sleep while you stew in your emotions.

Of course in the moments that you are in your quiet corner minding your business and reflecting on life , are you thinking about things like this.  As I go through life transitions of my own and gain my own life perspective, I realize just how much I have held on to things and allowed things to affect the way I move.  My flow changed up on me and I didn’t even know it.  I held myself back from some things that probably would have continued to catapult me into my growth and those are the only moments about life I have truly began to regret.  Not experiencing the pains and the lows………….but not allowing myself to take the lesson and move on.  They didn’t change my destination but they did put some detours in my path along the way.

You have to ask yourself what is worth it and who is worth it.  People cross your path for a reason and who they are once those paths cross is always revealed.  Life has a way of showing you everything it is you need to see in due time.  Some people are seasonal.  We all know that.  Everyone isn’t meant to be lifelong fixtures on your journey.  The truth is we have to stop making these seasonal folks more than what they were meant to be.  We hold on so tight that sometimes we allow lifetime things to happen when we should have put down rocks for them to kick long before that moment arrived.  Whether you have arrived at this revelation or not be mindful of one thing, when you see them for who they are……….TAKE IT!  That’s real.  And it won’t ever get more real than what you see.  Sometimes people grow too late for where you are in your life and that’s okay too.  Don’t make their right now moment extend beyond its expiration date because it doesn’t affect them, it affects you. 

  • Release all things that stunt your growth.
  • Don’t bring other people into your foolishness because you have pain.
  • Be mature and make wise decisions for yourself.
  • Dwell only on your problems long enough to find a solution.
  • Take EVERY lesson from your journey and use it to better yourself.
  • Do what is best for you.
  • Be kind always but don’t allow yourself to be manipulated or taken advantage of because of that kindness.
  • GROW

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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