Abortion: A Woman Has A Right To Choose

There is a fine line between being up front and honest vs. being up front and honest when you are running for President of the United States.  Donald Trump started something he won’t be able to get out of in this country.  I’m not even quite sure why he said something so ridiculous.  Any woman who decides to have an abortion is really the one responsible for the choice she is making.  She’s making the choice for herself not to be a mother to that child. She’s deciding to terminate a pregnancy she decided she didn't want to move forward with.  She’s deciding that she will allow her body and emotions to be strained and battered.  These are her choices.

Who is to tell her that she isn’t allowed to move forward with it or that she should be punished if she makes the choice?  How do you know what emotions she's already feeling because of the choice she is making?  How do you know that she doesn’t feel the personal punishment that she will surely place upon herself or torment from those thoughts on her own?  How do you dare decide that she should further be persecuted by the government as if she isn’t going through her personal turmoil and the shame she feels before her Maker?

People make decisions all the time about themselves and their lives.  They decide what is and isn’t best for them and those that will be affected by their choices.  It’s their right.  After all, God gave human beings free will didn’t He?  So who has the right to take that away?  We continue to have conversations and debates about a choice that is for all intents and purposes a very intimate and personal one.  I heard someone say today that it is murder and it's the same as taking out a gun and deciding to kill someone.  To me this is different.  It's a woman making a choice about her own personal body.  We can start to talk about when an embryo is considered a living person or that it is upon conception, but the woman is carrying this child inside her body.  No matter what people feel.............it doesn't take away the fact that it's her option and her option alone.

As a young girl I was completely against abortion because I felt that we should not take the lives of innocent babies.  I stood in front of my high school social studies class and argued this point to each student during a presentation.  It's funny how I remember it like it was yesterday.  As I have grown as a woman I realize that there are so many reasons women make this choice.  I too have had to make this choice.  Played my presentation over and over again in my mind when I made it.  I can speak from an honest place when I say that there is no person on this planet that can ever punish you for what you do more than you will punish yourself.  You have to endure it and recall the moments leading up to, during and after it has happened.  Who has any reason to hurt you further……………they can't do worse than you will when you are dealing with yourself?

A supreme court panel of men decided in 1973 that women should have the right to choose.  In 2016 why does that right seem to be in jeopardy?  As we take so many steps forward in this country we take so many more backwards.  I do not condone the behavior of those women out here who use pregnancy termination as a form of birth control because it isn’t right.  If you don’t want children you shouldn’t be lackadaisical in your physical relationships.  But for those women who have honest reasons that they pray about and ponder over and toss and turn at night about…………….they are entitled to this decision with whatever peace they can find in it.  There are so many things that happen in life that cause this to be the case and only God does have the final say. 

So leave well enough alone and stop judging people who take that walk. It’s a hard walk to take. The people standing outside of these clinics in protest and bullying people over social media should mind the things that concern them and what affects them and their communities.  It isn’t what a woman chooses to do with her body. 

Ponder this: Take a minute to think about the women who have babies, leave them, and then they become wards of the state.  Who is worrying about them?

Until Next Time Lovies,

Miss B


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