Black Boys Matter: Education In Our Communities

“I am focused. I am ready to learn. Let’s turn up!”

As I mastered another day in the life of a social media junkie, I came across a tweet from Dr. Steve Perry (, who I adore by the way, saying something profound as he always does.  It was something along these lines: People continue to say that the educational system is failing us but that’s not true.  It’s doing what it was intended to do.  Provide quality education to some. 

It just made perfect sense to me because the truth is, people are coming from far and wide to be educated in our schools.  But there are so many schools that aren’t being provided proper education.  They don’t have basic things like quality teachers with appropriate credentials, up to date books or computers even.  How do we have any child in this country in school without up to date computers?  We live in a world that is run by them.  But depending upon where you live and where you fall on the economic scale, you are likely to miss out on the perks of living in an area where tax money is being poured into your schools, parents are extremely active and there is a good mix of people who aren’t brown.

I haven’t had as much time lately to catch up on my urban news as I typically have had in the past. Since I’m not commuting to work anymore, I’m not listening as long or engaged during some of the better segments as I used to be on XM. I took a little bit of time today though to see what’s been happening in education and any new initiatives that may be coming about. The presidential candidates don’t seem to have much of a plan so I was just checking for myself to see what the people on the ground are doing to deal with these issues (side eye). The gap in the availability of quality education that many children of color face in the country is something that everyone should be highly vested in changing.

The good old New York Times didn’t disappoint me today. I read a piece they did on a program they are calling Manhood Development. For the last two years they have been trying this program in Oakland, California at the Montera Middle School. These young men are being refined and returned, invested in and mentored………..they are being programmed to receive the information being given and taught to appreciate it. Not only that, our young men are graduating and going off to college because of what they are receiving in this program. It just makes me feel good to see them nurture them like that. As the mother of a young son, I see the disparity between our children and others no matter how smart or mannerable they may be. No matter how much you as a parent interacts with them and stays on top of what is going on in the classroom. They are definitely judged more harshly for minor offenses than others. Not sure why they see our boys as such a threat. It doesn’t make sense to me.

I wanted to just give Mr. Jennings a shout out for his hard work and dedication to those kids. They are often highlighting the negative things in our communities but never the positive things. Things like this don’t get air time because they aren't promoting how we not only want to make changes in our communities………..but we MAKE them. What better way to teach our kids to respect themselves and others than to embed their history into them? Teach them what happened before they came along and keep them exposed to the things that are happening now. Never let them forget how important education is and that they are more than capable of leaving home, going to college, attaining a degree and making something out of their lives………………regardless to what their circumstances are or who else believes in them.

I won’t get into the specific of the article because I’m going to attach it to the post so everyone can read it. Pass the Positivity. That’s my new motto.


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