Black Community Troubles

I was driving in this morning listening to Mr. Madison as I do some morning…………not as often as I used to but when I do I still am learning something!  Hearing from people in the community who really truly care about what’s going on and are troubled or even the idiots who make our points more valid with their idiocy.  You truly learn from everyone!  The oldest black church in the south was attacked last night by a young white man who decided that he not only wanted to pray with them for an hour, but then attack them and leave someone alive to tell the story.

People keep saying things and I keep reading things about people who are outraged about how we are no longer safe in our own churches.  No we aren’t.  But the better thing to say is that we never have been.  We have been blinded by a fictitious safety that we know whole-heartedly we should have but we have never been safe here in this country.  Because we are people of color.  It’s senseless but we can’t live in the shadows of the lies that we force ourselves to believe due to living where white people live or going to school where they go or working where they work!  In 2015 we still have a long way to go because we are fighting against them and ourselves to survive!

We are only surviving barely.  Social media has given us a chance to really see the severity of where we are as a nation when it comes to race relations.  We can’t pray together without worrying about who we let in to our churches.  The safe place.  The place where we come for peace and to lay down burdens we carrying in the world.  We can’t send our kids to the store without worrying about if they will come home in one peace or we will get a call that they are going home to God because they are in a body bag.  How do we get beyond that?  How do we know our children won’t be in a park playing alone and be murdered because someone was afraid of the toy he was playing with because of his color?

I don’t want to promote hatred and fear because I don’t want to be a person that stands on a pedestal with a bull horn and tell you to trust no white person.  The truth is, our nation has moved forward in the way that it has because there have been white people who honestly supported our plight for equality and freedom.  But I don’t want anyone to be fooled.  We live in a country where we will always be disliked because of our skin color.  Something we can not control.  Something we wear because we were born this way and had no say in the matter.  We are fearing for our lives and our safety now because of this skin.  The skin that we are slowly learning to be comfortable in.  When someone looks at you and calls you a nigger, you are pained and enraged.  Then your brother looks at you and calls you nigga and you laugh as it has become a term of endearment.

We have to stop accepting everything.  We have done so because we are conditioned to do so.  Our grandmothers raised white children.  Taught them, loved them, fed them, cleaned up after them, promoted their self-esteem…………………just to have to work for that white person when they were an adult or treated beneath them because of their skin color.  We have people pretending to be black now.  But they will never know the struggle.  When they are done pretending they are still able to be what the world deems acceptable as they leave us where we are to still be us.  To be in a room full of people whose skin doesn’t contain melanin and have them overlook you because you and your opinion don’t matter.  In 2015 we still have this.  This is what we still endure.

I reflect back to the students who were in school just last year being initiated into their fraternity.  They were singing a song about lynching blacks.  That was their song.  They sung it proudly because it was the song they were taught to sing.  Maybe not every person who sang that song believed the words but what troubles me, is that in an institution of learning, in 2015, we have future politicians and leaders and teachers being taught to degrade people of color.  You have signs being hung at universities calling people of color Niggers……………in this day in time.  You have people raising money for a young white male who took the life of a young black male while painting him as a criminal to make his murder justifiable.  Setting the standard that they can get away with what we can’t.  The murders of our children are more sensible than if it were the murder of their children.  Our lives don’t matter as much as theirs matter to them or anyone else.  Not even ourselves most time.  We’ve got to take a stand now.  Stop letting days go by where you don’t take a stand for something better than what is happening.  That doesn’t mean burn down a store or rob a store owner because the opportunity presents itself.  It means take a real stand!  Vote, participate in your county, know your legislators, be proactive!  We must teach our children to respect themselves and others, but understand what place we stand in in this country.  They must know that our battle is not over.  They must know that we are not protected here by our legislatures or by the law.  We stand alone so we must stand together. 

I am saddened for the families who have to endure these senseless murders.  Family members taken from them much too soon.  Taken from them because of how they look.  Someone needs to tell Rachel Dolezal that we appreciate her support of our community, but she is a white woman and when she’s tired of what comes with being black, she can change that.  We can’t.  How will these people go back into God’s house again without feeling robbed or cheated?  Because they were hit in the one place that Blacks have always drawn their strength to keep moving.  It is a tragedy. 

Until Next Time Lovies

Miss B

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