Black History Daily

Black history month is quickly wrapping up for everyone that isn’t Black, connect with Black people on a regular basis or just has no interest and will be glad to have their social media feeds uninterrupted with awesome black history facts.  For the rest of us, Black History continues!  We get no days off so we will continue to connect on all issues daily that pertain to melanin infused skin!  I love it! 

Keep learning, keep educating yourself, keep saturating your lives with information that only makes you and your community better.  Be faithful and diligent in your quest to build your mental library of all things pertaining to your history.  It isn’t important just to see what people have to say about things we consistently learn on the surface.  It is important to immerse yourself in who you are and where you are from so you can be a walking, talking, living example to those around you of what your heritage truly means to those around you.  To the country you live in.  The things that people are using all around you.  The comforts that they all enjoy.  Don’t walk in to the office with a book on slavery please.  Just remember that what you know and who you are and how you live are all assets to those around you.  BE YOUR HISTORY.

Our ancestors were forceful, steadfast, consistent, persistent, unmovable, unshakable, unbreakable, faithful and determined to make significant change for equality.  That is how we will change the world around us.  That is how we will help our children learn more about who they are.  That is how we make people less afraid of us.  That is how we begin to change legislation and keep our kids from being killedin the street with no repercussion for those who took their lives.  That is how we continue to be contributors to the world around us and make sure people RESPECT people of color.  We aren’t going anywhere.  We are here.  We are dominating.  We are dynamic.  We are the delicacy on the menu.  People have no choice but to stand up and take notice of us at this point because we are filling rooms with our presence!  We are forces to be reckoned with.  Never forget who you are and live your life well beyond this month. 

No matter the opposition we will still face through foolish ignorance............Be Proud.  Don't put your torch down on March 1st.  We are Black History 365!!

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B

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